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Soul Dog Café and Bakery: Gluten-free Pizza and Gluten-free Sandwiches {You Can Buy Their Bread Online!}

Posted Jun 18 2011 3:49pm

Friday night, Dustin and I fled Sullivan county and headed for the valley—the Hudson Valley, that is. Destinations: Soul Dog in Poughkeepsie for dinner and a little house hunting in 2 of the neighboring towns. Both dinner and the house hunting were not disappointing. In fact, they were both great!

Soul Dog bakes their own gluten-free bread and sweets with chickpea flour, and it tastes amazing! Most of their menu is available with a gluten-free option, AND they actually give you delicious gluten-free bread for your burger or sandwich and crust that you can see for their pizza, unlike some other restaurants that aren’t quite as gluten-free-friendly as they sound from the outside. Soul Dog does gluten-free right, and I can tell from chatting with them that they value their customers and the stores and restaurants they sell to. I’m so happy to support a local business that obviously puts a lot of care and effort into their food and service.

We waited for our food in the quaint little café that we have been to less than a handful of times before . Dustin was hungry and excited to try their gluten-free pizza. They didn’t have a dairy-free “cheez” option, so Dustin was ok with having the cow milk.

He really wanted pizza. Look how sad he was, LOL. Ho-hum.


But all we had was water. And mustard.


Smiles returned when the food came!


!! Open-mouthed smile

Now THIS is gluten-free pizza!


Hello, beautiful!


Confession: I tried a small piece of it even though it had the cow milk cheese. Could not resist! It was FANTASTIC! So fantastic that: 1-) You wouldn’t know it’s gluten-free unless someone told you and 2-) Even if you did know, you wouldn’t care! My stomach was already on the fritz by the time we ate and I haven’t had cow milk in almost 2 weeks. Confused smile I did an 18-hour fast yesterday because my stomach was so upset anyway and felt it would be a good time to squeeze it in. I was pretty hungry by the time we ate, though.

I ordered the cheesesteak, minus the cheese. So, a steak sandwich:



It came with Soul Fries, which are possibly the BEST fries I have ever had in my life—and they’re gluten-free (no cross-contamination issues).


Ok, the bun = gluten-free. Let me try to describe it. You guys know how much I love bread. Well, these rolls are so good that I would buy them even if I didn’t have to avoid gluten or wasn’t choosing to avoid gluten because they are THAT amazing. They’re chewy, stretchy-crusty (like gluten bread) on the outside, super soft inside, super soft when you squeeze them, AND made with entirely wholesome ingredients. Though, I could live without the canola oil as it’s not the healthiest oil. If they used palm oil to make these, they would be absolutely PERFECT! For the taste and texture, I’ll tolerate a bit of it. Winking smile


I have good news for you guys: You can buy their breads (and sweets?) on their web site! I asked them if they ship just about anywhere and they said yes. Awesome! If you’d like to have fabulous gluten-free sandwich bread and rolls in your life, I highly recommend ordering some . You won’t be disappointed! And if you’re a restaurant owner or store that carries bread, contact them for excellent gluten-free items. Your customers will most likely love you for it, I know I would. Smile

After we stuffed ourselves silly, we did a bit of house hunting. Totally fell in love with all three that we looked at from the outside!! We have a short list of potential residences and the three we looked at last night moved into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place immediately, lol. The taxes are extremely high, though. I mean, EXTREMELY! As in more than the mortgage would be. Gotta love New York state where our taxes have risen 80% in the past 10 years. Disappointed smile Any wonder New York was voted the worst state for individual freedom ? Nope. We’ll see what happens. One of the houses I’d be willing to take a second third job for; the other I’d be willing to sell a kidney for, LOL.

So, like I was saying a few paragraphs up about my stomach being on the mega fritz. Ugh. Ever since avoiding gluten and cow milk products (besides ghee and last night’s bit-o-cheese) these past almost-two weeks, my symptoms have gotten so much worse! I know that’s not unusual for that to happen, but I feel like I should see some improvement by now or at least be the same, NOT worse. It’s frustrating. I don’t feel like I can eat anything without feeling terrible. And the healthier I try to eat, the worst it gets. Fruits, veggies, beans—anything with a lot of fiber—only exasperates the problem. Sad smile I am not convinced that gluten is the underlying issue. It’s only been two weeks, though. Trying to be patient, but it’s hard when I feel worse and I’m not seeing any signs of improvement. I also don’t think it’s a “going gluten-free flu,” it’s beyond that. Cramping, bloating, gas, burning, hunger, growling—the whole kit ‘n caboodle. The last Celiac specialist I saw at Columbia-Presbyterian in the city doesn’t believe it’s gluten-related based on my previous test results and my symptoms. I haven’t had follow-up testing, though. In the meantime I thought I’d do some self-experimentation, just to see if I have an ah-ha moment, a lead, a bit of relief—anything–but as of now, nothing. Nada. The same results I had when I avoided gluten on my and , only this time I haven’t incorporated stray days in between. I’m hoping I feel better soon. I don’t want to—CAN’T–go on like this much longer. I need to get to the bottom of this. I’m going to aggressively look for a doctor (or two) this week. I want to at least have tests done that rule things out, and go from there. A strict elimination diet is going to be brutal, and that’s why I’m starting with light elimination and pursuing medical tests, then saving the strict elimination diet for a last resort being it will take time, dedication, planning, and careful record-keeping. This is a hard road to travel down. I don’t wish it on anybody.

Sitting in my garage typing this on my laptop. We’re in the middle of a dead yard sale—I think we made $20 bucks profit today, lol. Not nearly as busy as Memorial Day weekend, but that’s to be expected I suppose. Lots of tire kickers and time-wasters today. We’ll keep having the yard sales every weekend this weekend, it’s easy enough to set up and put away and be mobile on our laptops. It’s nice to reduce some of our move-load for when it’s time. Hopefully July 4th weekend will be a good one! Tourists are flocking to the mountains in droves, maybe they want some of our treasures, hehe.

I haven’t eaten yet today. I guess I’m doing another fast. I haven’t felt good enough to eat anyway. Oh well. Looking forward to dinner! Smile Be back later…

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