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sometimes homework to 9 pm

Posted Mar 07 2013 1:34am

This year is the 120th anniversary of the  cheap jordan flight the power   birth of Mao Zedong. Mao Xinyu said that China is in the reform and crucial stage, is bound to face many difficulties and obstacles, the peaceful evolution in the West as inevitable, which especially need to revisit the founding leader Mao Zedong and then create a new vigor and spirit.Mao Xinyu that the current reform is a major focus of the field against corruption. "Now some party and government cadres, the slogan of serving the people everywhere, democratic supervision is non-existent.""Give masses to greater democracy and to supervise, should belong to the people's power sometimes some leading cadres to respect or even trample key anti-corruption, which is the most angry people." Mao Xinyu again raised his voice and waving his arm, said: "Our leading cadres, always to keep in mind shouted at the founding ceremony of the Chairman Mao Tower on the phrase 'Long live the people'!" In addition to the exchange of political and social topics and netizens, Mao Xinyu answer more the situation of children, how do you educate them? "They learn how?" are common problems.

"I am very grateful and very touched, because   cheap jordan flight 23 rst low sale   we respect for Chairman Mao lies in the care of his offspring." Mao Xinyu said that every time he seriously answer questions.
National policy can be due to Liu Bin, Mao Xinyu and love are the only child, a second child. Son, Mao Dongdong, 10-year-old, now in third grade, coincidentally, his birthday with the great-grandfather of the same day - December 26, a 110-year-old age difference; daughter Mao Sweet Yi, 5-year-old is in kindergarten. "They are related to the surrounding students engage in specialization."Mao Xinyu often tell them the story of many President, during the winter vacation this year Xibaipo also take them to the hardships of the then revolutionary venture more perceptual.With other children, Mao Dongdong academic burden is heavy, sometimes homework to 9 pm, at ten o'clock. Mao Xinyu usually cultivate his calligraphy, chess interest and registration Shangfudaoban, but will not give him. Learning, or to his personal interest in the main, the key is how to inspire his ability to think independently. "When asked about whether   jordan sc-1 shoes for sale   or not to support their children to study abroad, Mao Xinyu said: "If you will have the ability to also consider their own ability to be able to study abroad, the family would not oppose what career is their personal choice of path in life adults can not decide for them.

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