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Some medical experts believe that Interstitial Cystitis affects a body when its immune mechanism is weak

Posted Aug 25 2013 10:54am

Nerve problems like Neurogenic bladder. People went through Chemotherapy. General methods for epididymitis diagnosis. Although, there are many other reasons but any specific cause behind this painful disease is not found yet. Researches are on to find the basic cause and an effective treatment. However, at present only being careful and attentive is the only way to avoid them to the maximum. If you know the basic symptoms you are start treatment at early stage and stop it before goes too far. At preliminary stage you might pass through following condition: Feel a need to keep on urinating as though the bladder hasn't emptied which it often doesn't. 4. Pain during sexual interactions. Moderate to severe pain on urination. Pelvic pain. Women are the most affected by interstitial cystitis as compared to men. Almost 90% of affected patients are women. However, young children and teens are also common patients. To get relief diagnosis is required which is made by urologist. They are the doctors who specialize in treating disorders of the urinary tract. Treatment is started upon identifying the stage of interstitial cystitis. Although, there is no cure for interstitial cystitis available, but there are several ways to treat this urinary disorder to get relief up to the maximum extend. To ease down the pain doctors recommend several types of medicines that is capable of preventing infection and pain during urination. Medication for Interstitial Cystitis. Some of the drugs used for depression are also recommended for painful interstitial cystitis. But, herbal medicines are preferred for the treatment of this painful illness. D-mannose is one such drug that has been found very effective. It has tremendous capacity of fighting bacteria that causes unpleasant symptom. After taking specific number of dose you will feel better. Apart from that dietary change is also required to make treatment more effective. A lot of spice, or acidic substance such as certain berries, tomatoes, and orange juice, should be avoided as it aggravates the pain. Quitting smoking will be an add-on benefit for such patients. Interstitial Cystitis is a common disease that occurs due to the reason of E.coli bacteria. This can be cured if few precautions are taken.

Women are the most affected by this infection as their urethra is nearly 4 cm long, which leads to easy transfer of the bacterium from the anus to the urethra. Every Men Should Know How to Prevent Asthenospermia. Sometimes due to use of catheters for urinary secretion, urinary tract abnormalities or enlarged prostate, the flow of urine from the urinary bladder get obstructed. This further causes infection in men too. So by maintaining proper toilet hygiene and consuming adequate water one can minimize this infection. Bladder stores urine until the body is ready to empty it. When it is full it sends signal to brain through pelvic nerves that it is the time to urinate. It disturbs the smooth flow of these signals and that cause a person to feel the urge to urinate more often. How to treat this: Consuming adequate water. Maintaining proper toilet hygiene. Controlling the diet, you can change or alter the diet to see the affect. By eating whole, unrefined and unprocessed foods. Herbal treatment. Homeopathy treatment. These are the few treatment advices you can use but always remember you can get rid of this disease with simple home remedies. You have to go through a thorough check up and treatment plan to root out cystitis. What are the treatment options for necrospermia? If interstitial cystitis stage is at preliminary level you can surely control them but if diagnosed late it could be difficult to up root it. However, proper herbal treatment can let you live a normal life. Are you suffering from an acute pain in the lower abdominal area nowadays? Is it accompanied with a frequent urge to urinate? Well, you might have become a victim of interstitial cystitis. It is actually a type of chronic bladder infection that is hard to detect, hence is more severe than normal cystitis. Like the normal Cystitis cases, interstitial cystitis is not curable through antibiotics only, in order to get relief from this disease one needs to implement certain lifestyle changes as well. The medical scientists have been performed several tests on this disease, but actual reason of it is still unknown. It has been known that e-coli bacterium is the primary culprit behind Interstitial Cystitis.

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine treats chlamydia infections? But, in some cases of Interstitial Cystitis no presence of virus and bacteria is found in the urine of the patients. Some medical experts believe that Interstitial Cystitis affects a body when its immune mechanism is weak and the immune system itself ruins the healthy cells and cells of the body. Some of the most common symptoms of interstitial cystitis are:; Patients face small amount of urination in spite of regular urge to urinate; Terrific vaginal pain during the process of intercourse; Asthma; Endometriosis; Food allergies; Pain in the pelvic zone; Migraine; Sinusitis; Hay fever; Problems in menstrual; An increase of pain when the bladder is full The health experts also say that unhealthy food habit also leads people to interstitial cystitis. That's why a change in the food habit is essential for the interstitial patients. Some of the best natural remedies of interstitial cystitis can be:; have at least 8 - 10 glasses of water every day; You are suggested to keep away from chocolate, caffeine, coffee, simple sugars, alcohol, carbonated beverages, and processed foods; Drink quarter glass of pure cranberry juice on a daily basis. This will help you to attract the bacteria that clings to the bladder wall; Eat fruits like parsley, celery and watermelon regularly, but avoid citrus fruits If you are facing any of the above-mentioned three symptoms then don't hesitate to get yourself checked by a doctor. If you found with Interstitial cystitis. How to cure prostatitis naturally? then don't worry, modern medications are there to let you get rid of the disease in the smartest way. And don't forget to maintain the above-mentioned to-dos to keep you away from the curse of the disease. Remember, precaution is always better than cure and when it comes to a disease like Interstitial Cystitis then there is no exception. Interstitial cystitis is a severe form of cystitis that often puzzles the patients and even the doctors with its “hard to detect characteristic. Generally, acute pain in the bladder area, frequency in urge for urination and an increase of the pain during sexual intercourse are the common symptoms of this disease.

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