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Six Overlooked Reasons why you are struggling with your finances: Reason #1 - Not Fully Committed

Posted Nov 17 2008 11:50pm

Commitment to a goal is usually measured by the action that someone takes to achieve the goal.  Adults with ADD usually start out with a flurry of action when trying to achieve a goal and confuse this action with being totally committed to a goal. What often happens is that ADD adults tend to lose focus after the initial burst of activity towards their goal. A primary reason for this loss of focus is that a person never really thought about why they desired to achieve the goal. Commitment is measured by activity, but it is fueled by desire.

In order to be fully committed to your goal you need to convince yourself that this is something that YOU truly want to do. Often your goals are set by what other people want and desire, even if you want to please these people it is unlikely that you will maintain long term commitment to achieve this goal. The million dollar question is, what will motivate you to make and maintain positive financial changes in your life? For example some common motivating ideas include; the security of having your own home, the desire to not be indebted to anyone, and the ability to work less and spend more time with friends and family. It does not matter what you want to achieve as long as your desire is strong. When you combine desire with action you are truly committed to achieving your financial goals

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