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Shout It Out Loud!?

Posted Jul 06 2009 6:03pm

Not sure how many of you out there remember the old rock song by KISS called, Shout It Out Loud?

“Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud,
You’ve got to have a party”

I don’t think Gene Simmons the classic rocker and lead singer of KISS was really thinking about people with ADD when he wrote this song. While shouting it out loud at a party or when we are blowing off some steam can be fun, a lot of the time a person with ADD will blurt out, or act it out loud. Many people with ADD struggle with the self control and a calmer or smoother approach in these situations.

For those of you out there who struggle with this or know someone who does, I’ve developed a little strategy called “Bite My Tongue”. When I am challenged with wanting to blurt something out or interrupting a conversation, in my mind I repeat “Bite My Tongue” a couple times. In fact, I have even gently placed my tongue between my teeth a couple times.

The result, I find myself starting to gain control of blurting out comments and practicing a little more patience in situations where I need to. It creates less stress and allows me to listen and better understand a situation before reacting. Its kind of ironic that Gene Simons wrote the song Shout It Out Loud, I have developed a strategy around this and I bite my tongue in the process……especially when you look at the below picture of Gene Simmons and his tongue…..LOL!!!
a lot of tongue to bite
That’s a lot of tongue to bite :)

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