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Shake It Up You ADD’ers!

Posted Sep 22 2011 9:31am

I have posted a number of times about mixing things up in life, thinking outside the box. I sometimes need to push myself outside the box. I need to try new things and expand my experiences and thoughts. Many ADD’ers get caught inside the box and don’t venture out on different experiences. Challenge yourself to take that step and take life on from a different perspective. We’ve all heard the phrase “think outside the box” in many different places. It’s such a common phrase in our culture now that Taco Bell has even spun an advertising campaign based on the phrase “think outside the bun”a few years ago. Who knew such a simple phrase would become such a huge part of our vocabulary, culture and lives.

For people with ADD, the phrase is even more important because we are challenged with getting caught in the same repetitious habits and thought patterns. Our brains become use to one way of doing something or thinking and it closes the door on so many other possibilities and experiences. So the key is to try and “think outside the box”.

With my growing and learning experiences over the past few years, taking a chance and daring to do something differently has been very important for me. It jars the brain, or challenges it. It gets those brain circuits firing and creates possibilities. I was out for dinner with friends, one who has ADD, and he ordered a glass of wine. By habit, he always goes with a Chardonnay, so after viewing the wine list I suggested he try a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand that I was familiar with. The positive reviews are still coming in from my friend on the Sauvignon Blanc!! This is a great example of thinking outside the box. It offers a person a new perspective, a different experience and opens your mind up to the many rich choices that life can offer. Cheers!

It’s great to shake the cob webs up in the brain and get those neuropaths and brain circuits firing in different ways. Please comment on how you plan on getting the neuropaths and brain circuits firing.

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