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Setting Up Habits And Routines

Posted Aug 14 2008 6:11pm

Establishing good habits are extremely beneficial to many people, but for someone struggling with ADHD, they can mean the difference between ongoing struggle and getting on the road to success.

Unfortunately, the trickiest part of establishing habits is often doing just that… Setting them up. Sticking to it…

But once we get going, then it becomes natural and part of our daily routines.

In fact, that should be the goal.

When starting out, we do want to think about the end result , but we also want to be very mindful of taking one step at a time. We need to focus on little steps…working towards changing the way we do things.

**Make part of your goal more about a lifestyle change.

Anyway, the reason I am writing about this tonight is to serve as an example .

I set a goal earlier this summer to blog everyday. There is certainly enough information running through my head, but the problem typically becomes “execution” - or getting it done. So this post, is part of sticking with my goal. Despite visiting family and taking a mini-vacation, I have decided that I want to stick with my goal.

  • I want to continue with this change.
  • I want to keep up the momentum.
  • I want to establish this routine.
  • I want to stick with it.

You see - I have struggled myself to stick with this pattern. I have taken some time off, and fallen out of routine. So today, I am making a commitment to myself, and to this blog, to stick with the work I am doing.

Why This Post? Why Today?

Earlier this week I was speaking with a mother who wanted to help her son set up a routine. She had heard all the suggestions before… All the things we have mentioned here today. But the problem has been a matter of commitment. It was a problem of sticking to it… It was a problem of setting aside the time, and establishing a pattern (that eventually became or becomes routine).

No tricks here today. Your goals are likely to be very different than mine, but they are goals just the same. And it would have been far too easy to excuse myself from this goal today.

But today I am taking a stand. Will you take a stand with me, and set your goals today? If so, share them in the comments or drop me a line…

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