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Seasonal Holiday Depression & ADD

Posted Dec 26 2011 10:36am

For many people, including some ADD’ers, the holiday season is not a time of joy and cheer but of depression, loneliness, anxiety and self-evaluation. Some are not with their family, perhaps they are just too far away and others are with their families too much. Others have money challenges or many are not able to make their schedules work. No matter the reason, holiday depression is common. Lets toss in the additional stresses of unrealistic fatigue and the busy pace of life, and it’s easy to see why seasonal depression at this time of the year occurs. So many people with ADD/ADHD are very capable of learning to manager their situations and can directly impact depression.

There are a number of suggestions that can help keep the holiday depression at a minimum.
•    Schedule obligations and parties wisely. If trying to cram another obligation into the already over filed schedule causes stress, cancel and just relax. (I’m bad at managing this one)
•    Recognize the sadness of absent loved ones instead of denying the sadness.
•    Set reasonable financial goals based on what the budget can afford.
•    Remember that Christmas depression is not permanent. Moods typically improve once the holidays are over and once the worst of winter is over.
•    Be especially mindful of diet during the holiday season. High sugar and carbohydrate laden foods typical of the holidays will only make depression matters worse. Allow indulgences during the holidays, but with limitations.
•    Put old issues aside when dealing with family. If that is not possible, consider limiting the time spent.

Happy holidays to you!

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