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Said really appreciate the beauty of the medium: haddon or can entice him to join

Posted Feb 17 2013 3:21am
From the resistance to appreciate, Dwight - Howard for the rockets attitude in the change. As early as in Howard is still in magic effect, the rockets had to introduce Howard, even at the cost to break up team reconstruction, but it is very tough attitude when Howard, he is not willing to join the rockets. And now, this one is full of Cheap Kobe 8 Howard potential shares the young teacher is very good. Because came to Houston in the 2013 all-star game, Howard in the interview not to be asked about the problem, after all, this summer Howard will become a free agent, the salary enough space rocket will still to its launch chase. "To tell you the truth, I like them to this team," when it comes to the rockets Howard said, "they are a good team and they are very young, and they play hard, full of vigor and vitality, playing very unity, they do everything about it is wonderful to see if they play very fun." Let Howard appreciate this team, at least, the rockets in the hunt for Howard road has made a solid step. But about the future, his contract expires in exactly how decision, Howard as attitude: "there is no need to try to talk about the water free agent market, I want to enjoy the fun, I want to (here) enjoy fun, not discuss free agent market, the end of the season I'll be any decision." I have to do to let me happy things, is like this, "Howard said, as to what is able to Kobe 8 Shoes make him happy affair," which is able to in the fun, it can make me happy. "This season after joining the lakers, Howard performance is not good, he and the relationship between kobe Bryant has been very subtle, and even have a source says, even the right to Howard Steve Nash. Anger because of injury and so on the various reason, Howard form this season, with the lakers in about whether to enjoy the fun, he flatly said:" there is no, in the hope that things will improve it. "To Howard this remarks, the rockets famous BBS" dream steps "to give comments on:" last year the whole summer, with the rockets on Howard all the news is negative, and heard his words feeling really is a fresh air to breathe. Obviously, haddon to join the rockets have changed a lot after, this team has got all the free player's respect, not just one person Howard. "The United States local time on Kobe 8 Christmas Saturday, the western and eastern all-star are separately carried on the shooting training. In the eastern conference all-stars, the celtics Kevin garnett and the knicks carmelo Anthony is the relationship between the remarkable. Early January, and the green unlined upper garment army away and the knicks' bout, Kevin garnett and Anthony in the dispute, the latter up even at the end of the game is to block the visitors bus and intended to find KG theory. But after that, the two have repeatedly said that per capita of animosity. In the eastern all-star training, TNT reporter Craig - SaGe find" melon "Anthony, once again asked about his relationship with Kevin garnett." The regular season with such fierce competition, of course, there will be some at daggers drawn moments, to be controversial. This year once, you and Kevin garnett took the conflict. Now as his teammates, you both will together chat, friendly? "Anthony immediately called just turned away by Kevin garnett over." I just want to make sure there Kobe 8 Christmas For Sale is no problem between the two of you. "SaGe on Kevin garnett said." Come on, man. Come on, man. Come on, man. "Garnett breath repeated three times, he eyed me up and down in a light clothing SaGe, joked," are you dressed like this here, then ask such a question? "One side of Anthony had be overjoyed. Garnett wants to leave, but SaGe continued:" say to wear, why do you want to put your trousers into the socks? "" man, I put your trousers into the socks and you dressed like this can't than. "Garnett answer.
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