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Posted Oct 06 2009 10:01pm

Humans have the capacity to learn and retain new information. This is also true for people with ADD, trust me…I know! :)

Learning through repetition or habit is medically referred to as declarative learning. Declarative learning and memory is based on memorization, which can be accomplished with repetition. Through repetition, certain tasks over a period of time can be accomplished and the process or outcome is learned. For people with ADD, the repetition of performing a task or certain steps teaches us and it becomes a habit.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the repetition of things like reminding myself to stay calm, to consider others feelings or to focus on tasks as examples, becomes engrained in our brains. Our brains have that ability to absorb and learn, its just a different process when people are challenged by ADD.

I find repetition is best accomplished through setting reminders in my Outlook calendar, which also synchronizes to my Blackberry. With constant reminders set, the learning and memory retention flourishes in the right environment. Give it a try, in this case…..repeating yourself is good.

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