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Remaining schedule for the rockets advantage the lakers super Hugh city is not easy

Posted Feb 26 2013 6:37am
Sources, the league after careful evaluation of the game video, eventually decided not to carmelo Anthony additional punishment. According to the melon that, in their previously encountered huo Israel black elbow son, so will be the rebound of emotional.Anthony this season has been involved in many of the conflict, Cheap Soldier 6 after he had with the Boston celtics in the game, and Kevin garnett too much as a bee, after the game he also plugging in the celtics' locker room outside, looking for Kevin garnett (micro bo) theory. The results by the union of punishment, but the two eastern all-star forward has reconciliation. And the last Anthony involved in right and wrong, it is on December 23, 2012 with the bulls game, the ball there were four was sent out, and creation or Anthony. Game step to the fourth quarter, Anthony just because and the referee theory, eat two technical fouls dismissal, then the knicks coach mike - WuDeSen because and the referee theory also dismissal. After the game, the bulls QiaoJin - NuoA and knicks tyson chandler due to rebound in the tangled, two people happened after a little conflict, finally also sent out of the field Cheap Lebron Soldier 6 by the referee. As a competing for MVP and championship player, Anthony mood still appear too irritable the. He repeatedly involved in the issue, let coach mike - WuDeSen also some fears and dissatisfaction. "He must control their mood. WuDeSen said, "mello is a tough and players, like each other to fight, this is a good thing that he won't be in the fight against concessions on the spot. But there are some conflict, we must learn to stay away from these, you don't move fist. Those technical foul, malicious foul are already in the past, since alliance no ban, let us go forth to see."Beijing time on February 26,, the United States media published an article, a brief comment on the rockets and the lakers the west of the struggle between the eighth, the article thinks that the relative to character, the rockets Cheap Lebron 6 remaining schedule is relatively good, they are more likely to the playoffs, the lakers hard to surpass the rockets. The following is the part of the rocket at present in the west eighth, they so far fourth-best record is 53.4%. The rockets hit has so far (it should be said that the reasonable, because they attack this season really played is good enough. The rockets this season with 24 games, so they win one of the 13 games is completely possible. In the rest of the rockets of 24 games, there are 14 games at home is operational, 10 field is on the road, nine games against losing is more than 50% of the team, 19 games is against western conference teams. If the rockets win their remaining games in 13 games, that they will be as expected to obtain season 44 games for record, behind the hot pursuit for the lakers, the lakers also need Derrick Rose Shoes to win at least 44 games can catch up with the rockets.The lakers currently record is and wins and negative, they have played 57 games, with 25 games to play, they will want to win and win of the season, then they must obtain the rest of the game and win. In the lakers the rest of the 25 games in the middle, they have 12 home games, 13 away games, 12 games against losing is more than fifty percent of the team, and field is against western conference teams. The lakers may have in their remaining of 25 games to win and win? Of course there's a possibility. However, from the current western conference to see big situation, the rockets present condition to keep well, the lakers want to transcend the rockets is not easy. From the present situation analysis, more likely to their western conference playoff team will be the SAN Antonio spurs, thunder, the clippers, Memphis, Denver, warriors, jazz and rockets. In the western conference playoffs have home court advantage team will likely will be the SAN Antonio spurs, thunder, Memphis grizzlies and the clippers.
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