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Rejection With ADD-ADHD

Posted Feb 27 2012 3:16am

Remember that old Christmas special on TV with the moving figure animation, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer? Rudolph, the Dentist wanna-be and Yukon Cornelius all end up on the Island of Misfit Toys questioning their existence. I’m beginning to think that ADD is a pretty big factor in relationship rejection, whether it is personally or professionally and that my bright red ADD nose is hurting why the other reindeer don`t want to play reindeer games with me. Earlier this month I did a post called Back Into The ADD Closet and I’m beginning to feel that it should apply to ADD and my openness about it across the board. Has my blog become my Achilles heel? Has helping others damaged my ability to move forward in life? Is it time to blow this blog up and try to get rid of online references to me and ADD?

It seems as though being labeled with ADD does have a very negative stigma attached to it. When stepping back and trying to look at myself, and trying to do so without bias……I see a man who is a good father, friend, open to learning, growing, has a decent career and is a pretty well rounded guy. I am not perfect. I understand my faults weaknesses and areas I need to improve on as well. I’m no Brad Pitt, and I’m not exactly the hunch back of Notre Dame either. So, why the relationship and career change challenges? I’m going with being very open publicly about my ADD. Human Resource specialists jump online and research who a potential candidate is, always. When people meet someone in the dating world, they jump online and Google-Stalk them, trying to learn as much as they can about that person. I do it. I simply can’t come to any other conclusion about relationship and career changes not working, because the only common denominator is ADD. It appears society does not understand or accept people who are ADD/ADHD. There is hesitation, fear and the evidence from my personal experiences and others I have communicated with are making this very clear to me. Welcome to the island of misfit toys.

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