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Refined oil prices down from the 27th.9 shares is expected to outbreak.

Posted Mar 30 2013 6:15am

Simultaneous launch of the new pricing mechanism on the 27th the gasoline price 0.23 yuan / liter.

According to the relevant news,Development and Reform Commission, the domestic refined oil retail price will be lowered at 0:00 on the March 27,gasoline have dropped to 310 yuan / ton,the diesel reduction in 300 yuan / ton.Equivalent to 90 gasoline price 0.23 yuan / liter, 93 gasoline price 0.23 yuan / liter, carbon black N330 No. 0 diesel price 0.26 yuan / liter.

The new pricing mechanism introduced in parallel with the cut, the abolition of the 4% price carbon black N550 limits,the period is shortened to 10 days, after the implementation of the price adjustment is more normalization of the international oil price linkage closer.

Changes in oil prices in the table in Beijing

The label adjust the oil prices adjusted oil prices before

92 gasoline (original No.93)  8.02yuan/liter  7.79yuan/liter

95 gasoline (original No.97)  8.51yuan/liter   8.28yuan/liter

0 diesel 8.02yuan/liter, 7.76 yuan/liter

The lower oil prices in 2013 to the first drop,(February 25, 2013) lasted a month since the last oil price adjustments,93 # gasoline prices adjusted domestic implementation of the standards in the country, four more than the standard level areas to re-enter the era of 7 yuan. Finished lower oil prices will to some extent reduce the cost of domestic agricultural and industrial production to help control inflation and stimulate economic growth.

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