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red bottom shoes

Posted Mar 18 2013 5:54am

In March, the war between the true and false e Road to upgrade again. Gratifying is the support of sound from all sides of genuine e Road route one wave after wave. Tomine as the only legitimate holder christian louboutin for men of the e Road, Air brand, a joint industry and commerce, public security departments on the counterfeiting business and selling channels to an unprecedented level of lore to suppress by the support of government departments, media, channels and consumers .

3.15 during the period, a large number of selling fake goods, the lack of credibility unscrupulous corporate media exposure, consumer protection is a universal concern. In fact, the protection of the interests of consumers should not only be christian louboutin outlet reflected in the 3.15 period.

Tomine CTO standards YFinside main sponsor Rong Haifeng made it clear: "Tomine, every day is 3.15, the interests of consumers christian louboutin wddges should not be any flicker."

e Road route as the best-known brands of navigation products over the years by the christian louboutin boots Consumers who sought and trust. In the interests of the trend of unscrupulous businessmen glued to the e Road route trademarks, unauthorized use of its brand to the production and sale of fake and shoddy products, seek Hailey. Its consequences, not only the navigation products market order has been damaged seriously, and seriously infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and even personal safety.

Tomine CEO I heart is far from clear in christian louboutin pumps an interview with reporters, said: "Tomine as the only legitimate e Road route brand holders, in view of the enormous influence of the e Road route in the navigation market and consumers, have the responsibility and obligation to meet the market supervision Council, the public security departments to crack down on legal sanctions against unscrupulous merchants on the market to maintain a healthy market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the channel and consumers, to protect the brand value. "

Second, multi-enterprise the Union YFinside standard christian louboutin shoes genuine e Road route inspection stone

YFinside standard as is now the top navigation industry technical standards, quality standards, e Road route brand abide business ethical standards. E Road route Yuanfeng legally authorized production and sales enterprise, its products are required to adopt YFinside technical solutions and after YFinside standard detection. At present, toyota dvd player聽a number of well-known red bottom shoes enterprises has formed an e Road, Air Quality Alliance Supporter, as well as the high technical standards, quality standards to maintain the authentic E Road route. These companies include: Tomine, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Qi is the Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, Jiang Chun Technology Co., Shenzhen City Po Chun Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen is easy to figure Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City, with accessible technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City the Anpu Jie Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Ling Tuke technology. Road, Air Alliance, authentic e become under a YFinside standard of the Consumer Rights Protection Alliance, The Alliance also has a complete scientific product line distribution. Consumers of e Road, Air Products, it is necessary to recognize YFinside identity (packaging and products are), but also a clear understanding of the product line.

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