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red bottom shoes

Posted Mar 06 2013 7:20am

One of the worst and most expensive things that could happen to your vehicle is that its transmission will quit working unexpectedly. Finding a good auto shop christian louboutin for men is one of the most important parts of getting your transmission fixed, but before you do that, there are some basic checks that you can do to make sure that the transmission is the problem before you just take your vehicle into the shop.

Before you do the checks, you need to make sure that you are familiar with the transmission parts so that you know exactly what you are diagnosing. These are the:

聲 Bell Housing, which is usually beside the engine on a front wheel drive vehicle and behind the engine on a rear wheel drive. It is the bell shaped part that you can see when you look under the car.

聲 Gears, which are found in automatic transmissions as well as manual transmissions. You need all of them for it to drive properly.

聲 Fluid, which is red in most transmissions, so if you see a red puddle under the vehicle, you know it is christian louboutin boots the transmission fluid.

聲 Filter, which helps keep the fluid clean so that the gears work properly. It may need to be cleaned or changed occasionally.

Now that you are familiar with the parts and how they work, it is possible to begin the diagnosing process before the vehicle is taken to the auto shop.

Since you now know what to look for, you need to first check the fluid levels. This should be done about twice a year anyway. Low fluids could cause the poor shifting in the gears and if left too christian louboutin pumps long could cause damage to your transmission. A good indication of fluid leakage is that it is low every time you check it. To check for leaks, check the base for the filter tube, the transmission drain hole, between the engine and transmission, the gear shifting rod, and the radiator. Not only could it be a leak, but also it is possible christian louboutin shoes that you may have christian louboutin wddges a clogged filter. Because you need the filter for the vehicle to perform at its best, try changing that before you take the vehicle to christian louboutin outlet the auto shop.

If you have checked the fluids and replaced the filter and you red bottom shoes are still having transmission problems, then maybe it is time to have it rebuilt. This is not something that most people can do, so you will need to visit your auto shop where you can explain to your mechanic what the vehicle is doing and what you found when you inspected it. This will help him know exactly where to look when he takes it apart, which will be quite expensive. However, when you pay for a rebuilt transmission your auto shop usually includes a warranty so that you should not have to pay for one for a long time. 

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