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Reclaim America - Home Based Business Revolution

Posted Feb 07 2013 5:58am

(1888PressRelease) Many social commentators claim that the American Dream is dead or dying. There is no denying that much of the middle class finds it harder to get ahead.


The Global Millionaire Team - Leading The Home Based Business Revolution & Reclaim The American Dream, was founded by ordinary people from around the world, that aspired to live a healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilling life. These founding team members, previously had been involved with home based business opportunities that "Sold Dreams," instead of "Real Opportunities." 


Tired of being "Ripped Off," these ordinary people came together with these few goals in mind; 


Search for legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities, with a simple yet rewarding compensation plan. These "Category Changing" opportunities products & services, must be backed by reputable sources and/or science, and most importantly produce results within the first seventy two hours.


Businesses that were founded by traditional business women & men, with a proven track record of success, backed by world renowned investors, and overseen by a Fortune 500 Board of Directors. 


Continuously Monitor & Study Home Based Business: Market, Various Demographics, Tools, Resources, Trends, Laws, News, Both Traditional & Digital Communication, and Opportunities.


Networking with other like minded entrepreneurs throughout the world: Sharing, Learning, Teaching, Developing, Mentoring, and Duplicating, in the hopes of creating bridges of "Friendships," & "Opportunities," helping to bring capitalism and democracy to every man, woman, and child...while ending socio/economic inequality. 




Our mission statement and cultural philosophy embodies the goals, ambitions and moral standards with which The Global Million Team operates. It is our intention to create a positive influence and lead a global home based business revolution so that millions of members around the world can achieve financial freedom.




The Global Millionaire Team will strive to offer reputable home based business opportunites to every man, woman, and child to make their "Dreams," & "Whys," into a "Reality." This will be accomplished by fostering a culture that holds a standard of the highest regard for Personal Integrity, Self Development, Wealth Creation, and Loving & Respecting Everyone!




Foster and provide the best possible education, training, mentoring, motivation, and industry knowledge base, leadership and self development


Embrace individual opinions that are without negativity towards industry, companies or individuals


Create an atmosphere and support community of self-empowerment and improvement


Reclaim The American Dream


Many social commentators claim that the American Dream is dead or dying. There is no denying that much of the middle class finds it harder to get ahead. But the United States still provides more economic opportunity than almost any place else in the world, even if the bar for success has risen. 


Since the phrase became commonplace in the 1930s, "American Dream" has come to connote homeownership and the material possessions that typically reflect prosperity. But there are plenty of ways to be successful without owning a home or impressive things. So make prosperity, not homeownership, the focus of your dream, and define it in ways that are both satisfying and attainable.


How To Reclaim The American Dream


Starting a home-based business is the hottest trend in today's challenging business environment! Learn how to be your own boss and eliminate the stress of having a job. The benefits of working from home are endless! Earn what you deserve, be independent, have tax deductions, do away with traffic, office politics and more! Learn how to develop the entrepreneurial qualities - motivation, discipline, creativity - that you will need to succeed!


"Ten million new millionaires will be created by 2016, and you can become one of them--especially if you are in direct selling, technology, or home-based business" - Paul Zane Pilzer, Best Selling Author, Economist, and Professor.


2013 Best Home Based Business Opportunity


Company Name: Terra Biotech

Location: 1333B Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75207-3901

Established: 2010

Initial Start Up Cost: Under $400.00

Better Business Bureau: A 

For More Information: +1.646.926.1095 




Terra Biotech is a scientific formulator and manufacturer of superior all-natural food supplements and products. The company's unwavering commitment to research, development and formulation of quality products delivers nutritional benefits, which are unsurpassed by any other food products on the market today. Terra Biotech products meet all FDA's purity and quality control standards.


Scientific Board of Advisors


Terra Biotech has partnered with renowned doctors and scientists who specialize in nutrition, neuroscience, endocrinology, sports medicine and sleep research. Our team of expert advisors formulates and validates the benefits of our world-class products using the best ingredients, maintaining rigorous nutrition, process and quality standards.




The foundation of Terra Biotech's product line is Nectr CORE, which contains antioxidants and plant nutrients selected for their ability to boost immunity, vitality, support the digestive system and fight free radicals. Other Terra Biotech products are Nectr RIZE, a non-stimulant-based energy supplement, and Nectr CALM, formulated to promote restful sleep. Terra Biotech uses 100% recycled materials for packaging and shipping.




Terra Biotech's publicly stated goal is to achieve $384 Million in sales by 2016 (year 5). With the current growth rate, our goal is well within reach. Our business model leverages a direct sales force to build a lucrative and sustainable revenue stream for individuals who invest time and effort to build their own viable business. 


Terra Biotech founders, investors and leadership team bring deep experience in the areas of manufacturing, distribution and procurement with a proven track record, which successfully positions, nurtures and grows Billion Dollar companies. 


The caliber of leaders and distributors that continue to join the Terra Biotech team are exceptional and unprecedented in business acumen and financial performance. 


Terra Biotech's flagship Nectr CALM product transcends routine supplements to "turn up the throttle" at a cellular level to offer a more restful, restorative and refreshing night's sleep. We challenge you to find a better product available on the market today. 


Terra Biotech offers a sustainable, business-building system where average individuals build extraordinary incomes. A winning combination of the industry's most achievable compensation plan, personal development programs, support team and a simple and proven step-by-step system, provides you with all the key elements needed to build a sustainable, immediate and residual wealth-building income. 




Most Home Based Business Opportunities boast to have the most rewarding and lucrative compensation plans. Problem is most compensation plans are confusing, complicated, and have many obstacles that you must overcome to maximize the plan. Another problem that is prevalent among most Home Based Business Opportunities today is the multiple packages you're asked to join as a distributor ranging from $99 to $1299, monthly back office fees, and costly monthly autoships. 


To become a distributor with Terra Biotech there is one single package to join, Under $400.00(Retail Value $700.00) which contains: 


90 Assorted Bottles Nect 

Business Success Kit 

Business Management Suite 

Purchase Product Wholesale 

Participate In Compensation Plan 

Free Monthly Back Office 


Distributors can receive commissions in three different ways:


First, through Retail Sales which come from retail profits, preferred bonuses and residual. They also have a "Three & Yours Is Free," program which rewards distributors who sign up three new preferred customers, making that distributors next month's autoship free!


The second way you can make money with Terra Biotech is through bonuses: fast start bonuses, leadership bonuses, and bulk order bonuses. 


The third way you can money is through residual income, as with most Home Based Opportunities, Terra Biotech pays you for every portion of your teams monthly auto ship up to 7 levels deep. 


Want To Start A Home Based Business, But Don't Have...


Don't Have A Million Dollar Business Plan

Don't Have The Time To Dedicate To Starting A Business

Don't Have Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Start Up Capital

Don't Have The Experience

Don't Have The Mentor To Train, Guide, and Support You


Wanted - Start Immediately 



The Global Millionaire Team seeks aspiring, self-motivated, energetic, responsible, success-driven entrepreneurs. You must love interacting with people, be passionate, sincere, and credible. Sound like your type of challenge? Then we'd love to hear from you! 

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