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Rajon rondo and + 6 + 5 green unlined upper garment army victory over the nets garnett 8 + 10 risks to move coarse

Posted Dec 28 2012 2:57am
Today against the nets, the celtics played very well, they used to establish twenty points lead, although the nets also once played sharp counterattack, but eventually the celtics or the win. Play with nine 30 seconds, Wallace and garnett nearly roughhouse, almost copy the last meeting of the fight, and ultimately the Boston celtics in the away game challenge brooklyn Cheap Kobe 8 the nets in a 93-76 win over the nets. The whole game, rajon rondo cut down 19 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists and three steals, Pierce contribution eight points and 10 assists, garnett cut down eight points and 10 rebounds, two blocks, LinJie gaza, Jeff green and terry are cut down 16 points, 15 points and 11 points; The nets, Wallace cut down 15 points, 3 steals, lopez contribution 15 points and eight rebounds, two blocks, deron get 10 points 6 assists, Joe - Johnson credit 12 points. This is in the area with the celtics and the nets in the third time this season, the first two meetings are the nets win. Particularly worth mentioning is, in both our last meeting (nov. 29) of appeared brawl, rajon rondo still suffer for this ban. In the game before the end of the second quarter, heng fries for Kevin garnett foul, and the action of pushing, garnett push away from afar. Rajon rondo seeing this forward query heng fries, and directly into a fist, blew up the fight, then the players have flocked to join battles. Final rajon rondo, heng fries and Steven gerrard - Wallace directly was ejected, Kevin garnett have Kobe 8 Shoes technical foul. When it comes to today's game, Williams said. "we have won before they (the celtics) two games, so they will be very hard today." Obviously, the nets seems to be ready for this. After the match began, the celtics to strike terror in people with 4-0 start, but soon the nets will find the feeling, inside and outside is united in wedlock, deron and lopez led to the nets continuous take points, the establishment of a lead, only points difference is not big, the first quarter end, the nets to 24 - and lead. Although the first quarter to establish lead, but the nets also encountered some trouble, eight minutes before the play, they have three general (deron, Wallace and blah che) in foul trouble, eat to 2 fouls. And the time section, but in the game time section, the nets began to trouble, attack of the lack of effective point of attack, and continuous errors, gave the celtics counterattack opportunities. A quarter to eight points 26 seconds, KG anger cover lopez, by the celtics turn defence into attack, Pierce just over half not far, send attack to pass, Jeff green complete Slam Dunk. Time section of the first three Kobe 8 Christmas points 34 seconds, the celtics played 10-5 high tide, too, will put the three points. Seeing this, the nets coach Avery Johnson hurriedly will main game, but in vain, and be the celtics played 11-2 the climax of point spread quickly lead to 10 points, including jenson terry hit two record three points. The nets so passive, mainly because their too many turnovers in the first half, sent out 10 turnovers, let the celtics use error cut down 15 points in the first half, and the celtics only three turnovers, result the end of the first half, the celtics to 56 - lead. In the third quarter, rajon rondo continuous cut down 4 points, led the celtics played a wave and a high tide, will lead to poor points at twenty points. But build big lead over the celtics seemed to some slack, basket and took the opportunity to start strong runs, Joe - Johnson three consecutive shots 3-pointers, name two goals, and the nets play a wave 15-2 high tide, once the points gap down to eight points. Seven points in the third quarter 13 seconds to 1 minute between 47 seconds and the celtics' offense in mud, only got two points, the two points from lang, he happened to be more than today's performance is very brave, the former three have been cut down 19 points, 4 rebounds and four assists and three steals. It is long in the day the last 55 seconds to send assists, and then hit a 3-pointer, Celtic talents and hold the situation before, after three to 73 - and lead. In the fourth quarter of games, the strong more and more strong, don't forget to both sides in the last time there is a Cheap Lebron X conflict. Today in the fourth quarter to nine points 30 seconds, after the shock rebound, Wallace tried to drag the Kevin garnett jersey, and seized is not put in, return on the mouth. This can be annoyed garnett, immediately responded, two people have the body conflict, but the referee to two people stand in the middle, two people pull, or two people is likely to dish it out, and kt, lee and blah and also involved in the conflict, four people were eating to technical foul.The minor details, Wallace cut down ten points, but it still can't help the nets to realize reversal, with points difference remains in 10 points, the nets finally decided to give up, and eventually they lost to the celtics.
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