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Procrastination Killed The Cat, Again

Posted Feb 09 2012 1:19pm

Years ago I posted here on procrastination, an article entitled Procrastination Killed The Cat . Today, it seems like every ADD/ADHD blog and web site is focusing on procrastination. I thought I would avoid procrastinating on the topic of procrastination and re-use that old post and add a little fresh content to it as well.

While I have never been too impacted by the typical trait of procrastination many ADD’ers face, it certainly does pop into my life on occasion. I think everyone battles it a little bit, and it seems to be a little more of a challenge with those who have ADD. One of the tools I have found effective in managing procrastination, is organization. For me, organization is the medicine for procrastination. I utilize Microsoft Outlook’s calendar feature, which synchronizes to my Blackberry. Where ever I am and what ever I’m doing, I am organized with my trusty Blackberry by my side. Yup, I’m a PC, not a Mac.

Procrastination can arise in many different forms such as simply avoiding a small task at home or work. However, procrastination is also disguised within many of the major life decision we make. Procrastinating about a major life decision can dramatically impact how your life moves forward, both positively and negatively. It impacts the people around us as well, whether it is a romantic or business relationship, how you navigate through friendships or even parenthood. One thing that remains constant, is procrastination will place you at that fork in the road many times throughout life. How organized you are will impact your decision process. We’ve all heard that old saying, curiosity killed the cat, right? Well, we should create another saying and hope it catches on “procrastination killed the cat”. Get on it right now!!!!! Thank goodness cats have 9 lives.

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