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Practice What You Preach

Posted Mar 01 2012 8:46pm

I was wondering recently, have I become a blogger who is simply spouting off? Am I actually doing what I say? Walking the walk? Talking the talk? Hmmmmmm, this opened up a big can of worms in my ADD brain and my thought process began to race. After much deliberation, I decided to scroll through some of my hundreds of posts and see if I actually was doing what I had written about?

I came across some very interesting stuff that I had actually forgotten I had even posted. One think that rings true, the fun and entertaining stuff sure was easy to read, so that reinforced my mindset about having some fun when I write. I think people like to be entertained when they read blogs and it helps with the short ADD attention span too. So, what did I review that stood out? Some good stuff and it was also a reminder that while I’m doing a pretty good job in my life and am managing my ADD, it always helps to go back and re-read or do a refresher to make sure we are all on track. Some re-reads that stood out for me included the following:

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