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Practice Range Released by NRA May Be Removed from App Store

Posted Jan 18 2013 8:56am
Recently, a game in App Store is a very hot topic, not because how popular it is like Angry Birds, but because it’s a shooting game released by NRA. So this game is amazing that people all love to play it? No, people talk about it because it’s kind of insult and now a group named Courage Campaign asks to remove it from App Store.

Shooting games and other violent video games are very popular right now, and you can see people holding a gun to kill enemies on computer or mobile devices. With the popularity of iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod, more violent shooting games come to App Store and every one can play it. Especially for iPad users, I guess you all know how amazing to play shooting games on iPad (get  cheap cases and skins for iPad  and  iPad cable adapters at uumart ), but apparently, now is not the right time to release shooting games in App Store.

Practice Range is released by NRA. It’s just a very ordinary small game. The game scene is simple, in a fictitious range, players can choose pistol or rifle to practice. The game is free in the App Store, but inside the app, you can pay 99 cents to upgrade to a more powerful weapon, like a Beretta, a Browning, or a Colt. There are three, 3D shooting options: indoor range, outdoor range, and skeet shoot. Tap the screen to fire your weapon. The more interesting thing is this game is appropriate for users who are at least 4 years old because it contains "no objectionable material."

So what makes this game special? Of course, the tragedy happened recently in school. The release time of Practice Range is really not a good time. Obama asked Congress to allocate $10 million to CDC to start the project, the relationship between "media images" and gun violence. The president also outlined other proposals, including a ban on "military style" assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and required background checks for all firearms purchases--including those made privately and at gun shows. A progressive advocacy organization, Courage Campaign, circulated an online petition asking Apple to drop the free mobile application from its store. "This is a classic example of everything that is wrong with the NRA. Instead of coming to the table with constructive ideas to reduce gun violence, the NRA is instead developing a video game that glorifies guns and gun violence," said Adam Bink, director of the group's online programs.

What do you think? Do you think Apple should remove Practice Range? What about other violent shooting games, can they stay out of it because they don’t belong to NRA? Who should be responsible for kids who are indicted in shooting games?

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