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patient angel buy nike air max 95 salvation from the article is old painter evolved into a redemptive

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:43am
The distance, a touch of a small poetic downs chic mountain. Hills, clumps of dark clouds repressed the sky, the sun dark clouds blocking, blocking the body, but can not stop it passion. A plume, a piece of golden sunlight through dark clouds, hair Yat, such as chiffon, soft and bright, a brilliant sunset, hills dotted with swarthy, sun is really a wonderful landscape painting home in the sky the Zhang Taixuan paper rivers cheap nike air max 1 and mountains map drawn on a full of life, of black clouds rolling hills, golden river flowing slowly from between two mountains, forming an open Lakes region, and then leisurely a turn around over a shoal, rolling down a pair of rocks wash, splash ... nature always gives infinite Creative flaw want. Integrated into the natural, they will forget their pain and joy, but also plenty to learn from nature nutrition. Staring at the the Napian sunset and dark clouds covered the sunset, so that we feel the happiness and joy of the sunset, the the unyielding struggle forever fighting human character. Afraid not foreign objects to Doudao the own fear is Doudao to own.

Life is not the impulsive, not that brilliant, is that the good of the dots. Day such as water, nothing exciting, but there is always some subtle waves thrown up a string waves, fabricating survival of fun. The author is a master pick these waves. In fact, the discerning eye will be able to see this article to imitate O. Henry's "The Last Leaf", but its practices are still immature, there is still much merit this article.First, this article jumped out of the "The Last Leaf" thinking, patient angel buy nike air max 95 salvation from the article is old painter evolved into a redemptive angel himself, through their own ideological metamorphosis itself out of the control of the demons, become mature, embodies the mature "I" (spend) red than metamorphosis before the "I" (last year's flower), cut into the topic from a positive point of view, be able to jump out of the impact of the original, and find out the story with the topic.These vices are really difficult to evaluate it? Maybe they never find anything wrong, right? Is it not wrong moral cognition and values ??dictates what?
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