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Patience & Conflict Resolution

Posted Jul 30 2010 12:06pm

Back in December 2009 I posted here and titled that post, Patience Is a Virtue. Over the past couple days, I have been reminded of the post and I went back to read it as a refresher and gather my thoughts in a rather frustrating situation.

If you are an ADD’er like me, we must all take that deep breath, take a step back and exercise our patience. As I posted previously, many people (not just us with Add) lack patience, rush into things, over react and are challenged by this state of endurance. So I decided to Google “conflict resolution in 3 steps” in order to help me through this frustrating experience. Here is one of the results I came up with #1. Never attempt to talk through a problem while angry.
#2. Begin by stating the basic objective problem. Eliminate personal feelings and bias.
#3. Listen to your opponent’s position. Examine it for logic and wisdom. Differing points of view may offer you the elusive answer.

With my patience in check and a reminder of a few helpful steps on conflict resolution, I proceeded ahead in the best state of mind and emotion I could. I’m pleased with my position and conduct and have the gift of learning to be patient to be thankful for.

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