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Parenting Children With ADHD: Who Is Looking Out For Your Child’s Best Interests?

Posted Jan 28 2009 3:51pm

Warning: Today’s post comes with a warning for the feint of heart. I just found out some disturbing news that really solidifies for me (not that I needed more reasons to begin with) the importance of taking an active role in parenting our children.

Why the warning?  I am really FIRED UP this morning about this news and am quite appalled at the information and far reaching implications that one can abstract here.

Let’s Dig In!

A good friend of mine, who is an advocate in the Autism community,w share an article with me about mercury being present in high fructose corn syrup.

I don’t know all the details — but suffice it to say — eating mercury and being exposed to mercury is very bad for us!!!

So what has me so FIRED UP?

Not only do these corporations know what they are doing, but the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) also knew what was going on, and according to this report, “They sat on it….”

Forget The Conspiracies

Please know I am not about to support any conspiracies here.  I take information at face value, and question everything.  I hope you know that about me by now.

In this particular instance, I am disgusted by the illusion and deception we are exposed to every single day about:

  • Who is looking out for us
  • Who is taking care of our children
  • What is right and what is wrong…

Listen, I’ll get down to it.  You are your child’s expert!!! You KNOW your child better than anyone else.  In my humble opinion — parenting takes solid information, followed up with a strong gut-instinct and following up on what you believe.

I could tell you (until I’m blue in the face) what I think about ADHD — and if you don’t believe me — it DOES NO ONE any good.  But if you have information and I can share that information with you…then I am doing my job.

The Connection With This Article

I suppose I am not going on the rant I had intended when I started reading this article, and writing this blog post.  All in all, there are many implications (that are very far reaching) from the information in this article:

  • Are big corporations really looking out for us?
  • Do “governing” agencies withhold information?
  • Who controls what the public finds out?

Now I said earlier that I am not going to get in depth (either for or against) any conspiracy theories.  But what I am going to say is that we must watch out for our children. We must be RESPONSIBLE for the choices we make — and be informed and educated about everything we do.

The fact that the US FDA knew about Mercury and allegedly sat on this information makes me wonder what else is being hidden?

The Bottom Line?

This is the perfect moment to realize why we should be focusing on behaviors and NOT symptoms or diagnoses (especially in parenting children with ADHD).

Focus on behaviors!!  Focus on getting solid information!!  Focus on making informed choices that look out for you and your child!!

Tell Us What You Think!

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