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Parental Bubble Wrap

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:40pm

If we are “ good parents ” we try to construct a good life.


We attempt to protect and help our children.


We do everything within our grasp to keep them from exposure to ‘the world’ too quickly.


But the world pushes in.


The world, in a random act, can destroy all your attempts.






All destructors of innocence.


We cannot take away the pain, grief, loneliness, scars, disillusionment, hatred, bewilderment, urge for retaliation…


But we can be there.  Lessen the hurt.  Put balm on the scars.  Reinforce your beliefs.  Show love.  Give clarity.  Stress what it is to be a good, loving, caring human being.


We cannot be a shield but we can be bubble wrap. 


Authored by crisf. Hosted by Edublogs.
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