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Our Expectations for a Teacher

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:04pm

The teacher must understand that our primarily goal is keeping ________ alive. Education is secondary! Education is extremely important to our family and we will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to insure that _______ receives an excellent education, but our primary concern is to help him want to live.The teacher must be involved in preparing an IEP for _________ and must adhere to it.

The teacher must be willing to take an occasional phone call at home. We never know when a possible crisis may develop. It is important that contact be made in order to prepare the teacher for the next school day or to determine what may have lead to crisis at home. (An example of crises would be that last year ________ had a complete breakdown in the evening and had to be tranquilized and was placed on a list for hospitalization. He spent one week at home under heavy sedation. Regrettably, his teacher at the time would not return a phone call the evening or the next morning in order for the doctors and us to help ______ through what was causing the breakdown. In the long run this accounted for an extended rehabilitation time and a major personal and educational setback for ______ .)
If absolutely necessary, a notebook may be used to communicate with the teacher. However, this will not be a primary means of communication and it will not be _______’s responsibility to shuttle it back and forth. We would prefer not to use it. Instead, use of the Internet e-mail or a telephone is preferred.

We expect the teacher will call us if something should arise and if work is not been completed. When work is not completed we expect the teacher will contact us before it begins to pile up. This can be accomplished by simply sending home progress reports bi-monthly (depending on need) on what assignments are missing or even e-mailing us a note telling us what he is lagging behind on.

___________ will be provided a home set of books for the subjects he is studying in order to assist in staying up to date on his assignments. __________ has extreme difficulty with his memory and may forget to bring home a book when he needs to work on an assignment. While some may feel that remembering things is a part of growing up, one must remember that memory loss and absent-mindedness are symptoms of bipolar and side effects of his medication.

We expect that if _________’s behavior is a problem that we will receive a telephone call the at the first sign. We will expect that a behavior will not go on for any length of time before we are called.
While our son is growing up and does need to make decisions for himself and also experience the ramifications of his actions, certain types of discipline can have dramatic negative effects on him. It will be important for the teacher to talk over his/her discipline techniques with us prior to school beginning. We prefer to use a set of disciplines widely used in school systems such as time-outs, reduction of personal time and after school studying time and discipline measures. This should be discussed and modified when we meet with the teacher.

The teacher and the school psychologist will provide guidance for all other teachers ________ will interact with. The homeroom teacher will be responsible for making sure that all other teachers are aware of ‘ limitations and also what behaviors are inappropriate to use with _________.
We expect the teacher to read through the packet of information and be aware of symptoms of bipolar and the side effects of the medication __________ takes. This will enable the teacher to have a better understanding of when certain tasks are difficult and may require additional assistance or time.

We expect that our son will be treated with kindness and understanding. This includes using proper language and consideration. ________ is accustomed to being treated as if he is just as important as any other adult. We do not use such remarks as, “Where were you when I was explaining this, “Why are you not finishing your assignments on time,” “Why is your calendar not up to date,” or anything similar.

__________ is a kind and generous young man. He strives to try to be the best that he can be, but he does have certain limitations that he works very hard to overcome. He needs patience, guidance, and generosity.

Thank you,
Signed, _________

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