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Olympic Athlete Overcomes ADHD And Adversity

Posted Aug 13 2008 6:12am

Yep! I am talking about Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

Not only did he shatter the history books last night… But he did it overcoming adversity as well.

The Most Decorated Olympian In History !

In his first race of the night, Michael Phelps made history by winning his 10th Gold Medal of his Olympic Career. Until this point, no other athlete has done that. EVER! Think about that for a moment…

In 149 years of the Olympics, no athlete has ever won that many Gold Medals. No other athlete has performed at this level (top of their game) with such consistency, tenacity, and respect for himself and the sport.

Today, Michael Phelps is in a class of his own stands alone. Although something tells me he doesn’t worry about that. Michael (I’ll call him Michael as if we are friends), doesn’t strike me as a person to walk around gloating and thinking too highly of himself. In fact, he seems like a pretty down to Earth, humble person who is just proud to do what he loves!

Overcoming Adversity !

Last night, after his victory, Michael Phelps simply took off his cap and goggles…and gently tossed them away. He tossed them away, and we all experienced what we thought was a sigh of relief. Michael never complained, he never gave hint that anything was wrong, and his swimming certainly didn’t show it!

On top of all the pressure! On top of all the expectations we have for Michael Phelps… He also had to overcome his goggles filling with water as he entered the pool for his record shattering 10th Gold Medal! How about that?

If you aren’t a swimmer, or if you have never had that happen - I can tell you that it is NOT one bit comfortable when water hits your eyes and is trapped there by swimming goggles. No thanks!

By the way, after reaching this tremendous landmark (and overcoming adversity), Mr. Phelps got back in the pool less than an hour later to help lead his team to victory yet again. Gold Medal #11

Thank you Michael for all that you do!

Respect, Honor, Humility…

I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this, but I just can’t leave without it. For all the negatives (thought and) said about people with ADHD, here is a role model for all of us who exemplifies all the values we try to instill upon our children each and every day.

Thank you Michael! And thank you to Mrs. Phelps! Enjoy your glory, although something tells me you have more work to do! America thanks you both (along with the rest of the world I am sure)!

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