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OK babies, so heres the deal. ...

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:07pm
OK babies, so heres the deal. You know all that stuff about "The Secret" and "The power of words" and what not, right?
Well after writing this blog saying that I needed an editor to drop from the sky to help me... it happened! Well maybe not
from the sky, but just the same. Heres how it happened. I took the initiative to look up "Writers" in my local community
on a website called and I found a "writers group" that was nearby, free and on a night I was available.

So I took some of my stuff and went to check it out. It was a bit lame, BUT I met a woman there that recognized my remarkable
talent (rolling eyes) and asked me to join a writers group she belonged to. So I went to check it out and OH MY GOD! It was at this
woman's house who is a real writer. Then sitting on my right is an English Major and on and on around the table. Seven people
with the skills I lack! They have welcomed me in and I now go every week and share what I've written. They critique and correct
and really help me. (doing happy dance) Whether or not an actual book comes from it is not the point. I asked and it came.
I am doing what I love and that is what matters.

So that is why I have been MIA as of late. Thank God for Angel keeping me accountable.

I have NO limitations
Hundreds of thousands of dollars are coming my way very soon
My boobs are getting bigger
and someone volunteers to clean my house twice a week, oh and cooks too.

So now we shall test this magic theory to see if it's true that whatever I say I want here on this blog is manifested into reality.

I'll let ya know.
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