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Oh, that crazy ADD!

Posted Dec 02 2008 11:38am

Something I've focused on quite a bit on my blog, is that although you have ADD, that's OK, just accept it and be who you are.

We live in an era where we hear the constant preaching of "you can change," "become the person you want to be," and the "10 steps to a new life" ... but I always question this ... is that what you really want?

Taking one look at my life, it's clear that I could be the poster-boy for ADD.  Just name the symptom,  and you'd see it play out in my life.  It's ridiculous!  So of course, I'm always trying to improve in those categories.  It's also true that improving in these categories will greatly improve my ability to function better with "the 95%" (those who don't have ADD).  And I want to communicate and work, etc. with them.  Absolutely! So work at it I do.

I take medication.  It has vastly improved my cognitive abilities, allows me to get more done, and even makes communication easier.  Personally, I wouldn't turn back the clock and stop the medication.  The benefits have been too significant.

But ... just because I work to improve my skills, whether it be organization (still a mystery), or communication, take medication, or whatever ... that doesn't necessarily mean I want to "change” and become a different person. It simply means I want to some things better.

There's a point to all this rambling ...

Being diagnosed as an adult comes with some unusual feelings, and perhaps, some unusual consequences.  The key to moving past all this and living that "better life" ... comes from accepting yourself as who you are ... ADD and all!

ADD may be considered a "disorder," and even a "disability" ... but so what?   Would you really want to be someone other than yourself?

ADD is a part of who you are.  Accept it.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it!

Take your medications, work on those skills that will help you in your day-to-day life ... but then (and most important), spend the rest of your time (hyper) focusing  on your strengths! 

Your mind works in ways that people without ADD can't even comprehend.  This is one of your greatest strengths!  You have an incredible amount to offer!  You can do things nobody else (or very few) can! You see things from a unique (and often insightful) point of view. You have, as all individuals do, an enormous amount of talents and perspectives to offer the world!

So continue to work on your skills, take your medications, and do the things you believe will help you.  But just remember, you're not doing these things so you can "change," you're doing them to simply help you be YOU!

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