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Of the

Posted Oct 16 2012 6:39am

The is the daughter of her aunt's home, this year 3 years old, is a active girl, her style often make I don't satisfied. I went to aunt live, I lay down on the sofa, of the while I do not pay attention to, just press down, and let me catch my  
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 breath, she later jumped up and sat down, jump up, sat down, really let me feel the morning meal to spit it out the same. I really can't, I can't let's get one's own way of, I must act up and maintain my body, stop the jump of the sat. Whenever the of ran, I sat up, don't let the pressure of, but still have the of way, she took out her hands, tightly hold on my neck, and let me how to move, also do not put it down. The like to watch the cartoon "ponyo", as long as a night didn't watch ponyo, will be noisy, aunt and she can't. In the evening, we went to the citizens play in the park, there are a lot of interesting places, I this is the first time! I came home and brother took his favorite skateboard out for me to practice, but the most important is not practice slide, but with the play of. We with the play of feed the pigeons, trampoline, play water polo, tonight we play a lot of projects, fresh, finally went back.


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