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Not no way! The most close to the theory of Jordan today no one can out of the right of the kobe Bryant

Posted Feb 18 2013 7:46am
In Jordan rule NBA era, he and his bull is almost the sign of successful. Although also had more heavy enemy blocked, but since 1991, Jordan and his bull is invincible. The bulls forward, it is like god exist Jordan; And Jordan can be called "god", in addition to his outstanding player, but he is unyielding character, and the victory of obsessiveness. Jordan's six champions, and now it seems quite some "will be run extremely, see the mountains small" of spirit, but in Cheap Lebron X the championship in the road, in the process of "flying" experienced many test, have on the top of the championship. So in others look pretty "flat" title road, only Jordan knows the hard. This because of this, just from his arms jinbei, cry bitterly emotional catharsis. Such feeling, kobe Bryant did not understand. Indeed, at the beginning of 21st century three successive championships, a lot of people are more willing to put the three credit title written in o 'neal body, but as the team's leading scorer outside, Bryant's performance can't ignore. It is also in the "big shark" behind, people see Bryant in the light of the deja vu. Later, shaq, kobe Bryant left alone play the leading role, is that kobe Bryant is the most brilliant career in several seasons, as well as his most gloomy years time. Brilliant says, because that is the kobe Bryant personal to get to the top of a few season, countless scoring record was written Bryant's name, 81 points "miracles" until today was fans Foamposite Air Max Fusion take delight in talking about; Bad said, because that is the kobe Bryant in the team record bottomed years, from into the playoffs, to two consecutive years of eliminated in the first round, let Bryant's nerve was repeatedly burnish.But in the most sad that a few seasons, support kobe Bryant went to the last, in addition to his quick scoring skills outside, is his victory for unlimited chase. This character has been deeply to Bryant's bone marrow and blood of become his most respectable label. In 2009 and 2010 two take title the way, kobe Bryant and his lakers [micro bo] as proven, and ultimately help through the difficulties, is still the power of the spirit. Nike Foamposite Air Max So Jordan this speech, let many people feel that "flyers" seems to be a "only performance theory" of the people. But in fact the two men's character to see, kobe Bryant this obsession, perhaps is to let him deep "air" the root cause of the love. Jordan for alliance the spiritual wealth, kobe Bryant is very good to inherit and carry forward the. Kobe Bryant responded: inheritance air spirit this season, kobe Bryant and his lakers played very struggle. Before the all-star weekend, they are losing around 50%, and the distance from the eighth of the rocket, the west still has a large gap. So for today's kobe Bryant, the playoffs become a big goal, that was kind of ironic means. In order to win, Bryant in doing all kinds of trying, from the beginning of crazy score, to prevent the opponent with point guard, to transform Nike Air Foamposite One themselves into passer, kobe Bryant did, all is in the sixth title and efforts. So far, Bryant averaging can get 26.8 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.6 assists, and the overall data, almost as kobe Bryant in the past few seasons, the best season.However, because the lakers record reasons, they are not regarded as championship contenders. Also because of this, about kobe Bryant take the sixth title, and after Jordan's topic, also very few people mention. But Jordan the "kobe Bryant on James" speech, affects a lot of nerve. If in the past, kobe Bryant may be on the debate despise an attend to, because in his eyes, only win to make all the skeptics shut up, and only constantly win, is to pursue his all. But now, kobe Bryant has 34 years old, he even willing to team win and put down his strong desire to score. Such a mature, kobe can understand the words of the Jordan. "His message is, get victory than all other
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