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Posted Nov 14 2009 10:01pm

NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!  ADHD/ADD is not an excuse!  Do not EVER use it or let your loved ones use it as an excuse.  “I can’t because I’m ADD.” is NOT ACCEPTIBLE!

ADDADHD people are not dumb.  In fact, most are above average in intelligence.  That is how so many of us survived ‘under the radar’ for so many years, without a label.  We learned to adapt.  Evolution at work here.  Do not ever let your ADD student, parent of a student or yourself say “I can’t”.  Allow them to think outside the box and come up with their own way of making conventional life work.  Be flexible and you will reap (sp?) rewards.  We have to learn how to make work or work around our differences. 

 I’ve learned to buckle down when needed and to take some time to let my mind go.  When to take medication to help me focus and be ‘uber’ productive and when to not take it and be creative.  I’ve learned to prioritize and categorize; write notes to myself or use my cell as an alarm and reminder system.  I’ve learned to adapt when needed and use my differences when possible.  I was not labeled until adulthood so never had the ‘crutch’ to be lazy and self pitying…

I am teaching in the regular classroom now and see so many students sit there and say ‘I can’t’ because they have been labeled.   Those that tell me they share my difference, I lay out.  They are NOT ALLOWED to use it.  They can’t use that crutch with me.  Wahahaha!

I have also spoken with several others who have other learning differences and told them the stories of  Einstein and Edison.  How people thought they were dumb and wr0te them off.  Boy, look at what they did for society.

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