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No matter bacteria prostatitis or nonbacteria prostatitis can all be treated by TCM

Posted Apr 25 2013 3:14pm

It is normal for patients who have chronic prostatitis hold these scrupulosities. Whereas as it is confirmed, chronic prostatitis is not the direct criminal for psychological problems. Prostatitis treatments. Doctors have the responsibility to analyze the causes of the disease, knowledge of chronic prostatitis, and symptoms of the disease. In the treatment, psychological counseling is sometimes as important as medicine treatment. That is because if patients with psychological burden, he or she can't be treated effectively. Psychological burden can easily result in a vicious cycle, which baffles suffers a lot. What's more, if the psychological problems left unsettled, patients are at risk for suicide. In summary, chronic prostatitis can not cause mental disorders like Insomnia or forgetfulness. Meanwhile, psychological factors is very important on the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Therefore, patients who have this disease do not need to worry too much it, the best way is to cooperate with the medical treatment. Dr. Lee says many patients are too intensive about their diseases, they try their best to find out more information and possibilities for their treatment, on the contrary, most of their worries are superfluous. A lot of patients of her recover from chronic prostatitis are given psychological comforting more or less. She hopes other patients can take it easy as well. Symptoms caused by prostate infection. Acute prostatitis is most commonly caused by urinary tract infection which is not timely cured. The diseased urinary tract may possibly infect the prostate gland, causing acute prostatitis. The acute prostatitis may also caused by acute infections of skin, tonsils, dental caries, intestinal tract or respiratory tract. The bacteria can reach the prostate gland via blood, causing inflammation of the prostate gland. 2. Treatment of acute prostatitis. Acute prostatitis is a medical emergency. And it can very possibly cause the complications such as seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis and orchitis.

Actually, prostate gland is an important gland of men, because this gland can discharge prostate fluid which is the composition of semen. This disease can be classified into three types. One is acute bacterial prostatitis which is accounting for 50% -10%. There is no doubt that Prostatitis is an annoying male disease that happens on male's prostate gland. One is chronic bacterial prostatitis which is accounting and the last type is chronic nonbacterial prostatitis which is accounting for 90%. The traditional treatment of this disease is antibiotic, but antibiotic is only useful for bacterial prostatitis , because most of the time, bacterial prostatitis can be cured with antibiotic within one months. However, as for nonbacterial prostatitis, antibiotic is useless, because there is no bacteria to be killed. Therefore, as for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, they should seek for other alternative treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill an herbal medicine is the best alternative treatment of this type. This pill has many functions such as promoting blood circulation and Qi, which can enhance the self-healing ability and improve the drug effect, clear away heat and toxic materials which can clear all kind of bacteria, virus and bad materials out of your prostate gland and reproductive organs, dissipating hard lumps and dissolving stasis and releasing pain, so all of the symptoms will getting milder than before and disappear at the end. This pill also has other advantages such as it has no drug resistance and side-effects. What's more this pill also has guiding drug, which can lead other drug materials to reduce the waste and enhance the drug effect. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is so excellent that even prostate infection symptoms also can be cured within three months. All of the materials are from nature such as plants, animals and minerals, so no harms can be produced during the treating period. Treatment cycle of acute prostatitis is shorter than that of chronic prostatitis.

As we know, chronic prostatitis is a chronic inflammation which is caused by specific and non-specific infection in prostate. Systematic symptoms occur usually. Time to treat chronic prostatitis can be affected by three aspects mainly: 1. Prostatitis is a chronic disease. Patients who do not know causes of it clearly can hardly receive a pointed treatment. Therefore, formal tests are need to make accurate diagnosis. 2. Occurrence and development of prostatitis are controlled by a lot of factors, such as daily habits, diet, intercourse, etc. So, in daily life, patients ought to pay attention to these factors. Also good habits are beneficial to prostatitis treatment. Herbal approaches to treat prostatitis. Owing to the special anatomical structure of prostate, common antibiotic is difficult to enter prostate lipid envelope. As a result, expected drug concentration is not available. Hence, patients should cooperate with the doctor and keep a good mind to combat the disease. Previously, prostatitis is not a very established disease in traditional Chinese medical science, it is only classified to diseases such as stranguria and gonorrhoea. In traditional Chinese medical science, frequent urination and urinary urgency are caused by damp-heat in lower-JIAO. In allusion to these manifestations, clearing away heat and toxic material is a principle in the treatment. In addition, local pain is usually caused by qi depression to blood stasis. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine which is applied to treat prostatitis often contains ingredients that can clear away heat and toxic material and promote blood circulation. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the TCM that follows this rule. Edema and infection can readily settled. Why is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill effective to treat prostatitis? That is because traditional Chinese medical science always treats diseases with a holistic therapy. No matter bacteria prostatitis or nonbacteria prostatitis can all be treated by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory disease. If one drug can cure the disease, why we have to take other multiple medicines? So, it avoids overtreatment.

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, clear away heat and toxic material, promote Qi and stop pain, in order to kill bacteria and eliminate inflammatoin and cure the disease in the end. This is the unique advantage of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

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