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"No Child Left Behind" is a crock!

Posted Mar 17 2009 4:26am
Excuse me former President Bush but your "No Child Left Behind" law turned out to be no more than a public relations pat on your back. My child is getting left behind and I am sure hundreds of thousands of others in this country are being left behind too. You designed a system that is so weighted down by red tape and regulations that it traps children in need, forever in limbo. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. No better off than when they started the process. Still feeling like failures because they don't have the tools to live up to expectations.

I guess you are wondering why I am finally angry enough about this to write about it. This afternoon I received a letter from the 504 Coordinator at Luke's school. They are putting Luke's 504 process "on hold" until there is a final decision on my appeal for special ed services. I think (who knows because they are so purposefully ambiguous about the process) that could take months and months. Especially since the EC Director never contacted me again after telling me should would conduct a second review and meet with me. So now there is not one special education or disabilities coordinator in our entire board of education doing anything to help Luke. Not one!

We all know this system is designed this way on purpose. They are forcing my hand not to drag them through an appeal. I was naive enough to think "No Child Left Behind" actually meant that they wanted every child to have a fair and equal chance at an education. What a crock!

Way to go " W"!
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