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Posted Mar 26 2013 8:53am


Difficult surname located in Henan Province, the Northern and Southern Dynasties Xianbei surname evolved originally the name of a bird, because the people advocating birds, surnamed since become "difficult"."Dead" surnamed Yuan Yida speak   nike air max 90 for sale  mainly located in the northwest of China, currently the number is decreasing trend.Mountain surname in the investigations of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Guoyang County, Anhui Province and Liaoning Province Zhangwu County stumbled across this surname, a total of about 2,000 people. Interestingly, these people to each other are not linked, but clearly the source of his surname, they call themselves is a direct descendant of Yue Fei, the year was the persecution of Qin Hui, fled to this, "Yue" word upside down to form This new surname.


The study group to help them get in contact with each other, at the same time, research the source of the surname, indeed, as they say. Her care doctor had gone, "China Insurance Office" the delay will not send a new doctor, it is estimated that it is difficult to send. Wang Dongxing let the three of us gave her sleeping pills, we have repeatedly turned down, said do not understand medicine medication. Wang Dongxing said it does not matter, according to her previous prescription Adding and Subtracting can. We reluctance to open a prescription, or live in fear. Jiang said: "I've seen you (Hongzhu Ren and I) file, you study pharmacology." The university diploma liberation back student subjects transcript, she could see from there, it is probably ambush after whole Hongzhu Ren and antecedents. Dr. Kong Xinmin do first mechanic, after college, working-class constituents, can stigma.


There is also an episode. We live in the hook parched Desk Building 17, every time I go to Jiang Qing visits should ride. Out from the door of the Diaoyutai in a circle and then came in from another door, not know live Jiang Qing floor. Wang Dongxing came, until one night, said Jiang Qing "not very good", let us quickly  nike air max 95 for sale   take a look at the past. The car then went out, Wang Dongxing said, without the car, walked a few steps, the original Jiang Qing lived in a nearby building.Followed by extraction. She agreed tooth, but said "too nervous", she is not assured, therefore delaying executions. After a few days, look Ye Qun and Qiu, Ye Qun said she recommended to us, so very concerned about, Qiu not said anything. We took the opportunity to reflect prescription sleeping pills, has not been resolved.




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