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Nike air max 9 Hong Kong Paramen Pornographic case

Posted May 31 2012 9:09am
May 30, the son of a wealthy household had been involved in police nude scandal Liuding Cheng, 17 years later is charged with shooting male artist Pornographic, on the 29th in the District Court found the three guilty of the A and D of A of indecent assault and criminal intimidation, Mr., indecent assault, Mr. B is not guilty. nike air maxJudge training Jinhong lashed Liu fiscal potential and the so-called network of people to gullible men hunting behavior and morality are shameful, almost extortion, shall be punishable with imprisonment is ordered that the real-time Liu pen to June 12 todesignate a psychiatrist test and background reports for sentencing.

Like material "Except for" civilian fitted with court

Wen the Liu Dingcheng to coquettish see said the 62-year-old sentenced to real-time pained, when the judge show to also pen jail, take a deep breath Liu will immediately punish teachers for the van and rushed to the Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre.Liu also like a premonition there will be "unexpected", and therefore yesterday morning failed to bring along valuable diamond table and the diamond to appear in court.

Deputy presiding judge training Jinhong victim A, B and C evidence for, nike air max 90 emphasizing the evidence of the victim A, although not comprehensive, but whenever recalled indecent assault are detailed to the court in his judgment analysisexplain the not reported because the young half-baked and do not know to handle the event, air force one the defendant is afraid to offend the defendant and the company through the introduction of the modeling agency, and truly believe that the defendant will introduce the work to him.

Witnesses face with anger permit involuntary

The court held that A honest, reliable, and control the direction of the court submitted two photos of the seizure of the defendant apartment, visible expression of the A's is with great reluctance, unnatural even a little angry.A was indecently assaulted by nine years later, the subtle part of the evidence of discrepancy is understandable.Judge that the defendant was the deliberate violation of his case A does not agree even to intimidate each other photos taken at gay website, the defendant verbally threatened should be expected to be A's reputation will be damaged, especially in Hong Kong is a relatively conservative society, it isconvicted the defendant of indecent assault and criminal terrorism A two convicted.

Young for the part-time model, Mr D As for the time of the incident, more easily deceived, the defendant after the initiative approached in the street to the ice cream shop and D chat 2 hours the next day the defendant apartment to stay four hours long, the court held that the D in order to fight for the filmadvertising the opportunity to go into the details with the defendant is a reasonable defense to the defendant and D "hit it off" each other a homosexual relationship, and later D To retrieve the photos to no avail and falsely accused the defendant, but the court held that the defense unfounded, is the defendant criminalThe intimidation D convicted.

The temptation to smile on camera B evidence in doubt

Refers to the judge continued, the B-face with a smile, nike air force one and face with temptation can be seen from the photographs of Mr. B was photographed by the defendant, kind of aggressive look, phase fully aware of any disturbed less than B, is ruled that B is voluntary and photographedPornographic such, if the B on the camera disgusted to deal with what happened that day remember, but B is forgotten after taking pictures with the defendant dinner, etc..But the court held that B failed to speak of facts all there is doubt based on evidence, is ruled not guilty of the accused indecently assaulted B.

Baytown mitigation defense barrister said Liuding Cheng graduated from the male Diocesan Secondary School, and later in the studied sociology, and after graduation to set up a company Managing Director, and then had no job, living with more than 90-year-old mother, Happy Valley,unmarried and no case of the end of the court granting the defendants' bail to make a report to pick up social services.Judge to refute that the accused crimes almost extortion, shall be sentenced to a prison sentence.

"4anda Lu Xin Jie quasi bail sense of regret

As for the Liuding Cheng Yi sub-band members "4anda" Lu Xin Jie (27 years) due to the one told to call the intimidation part-time model D President, threatened to be uploaded onto the other side before photographed "Pornographic" to a gay website to give in to coercion.Lu pleaded guilty to a crime of intimidation as early as in pre-trial and allowed bail until June 21 sentencing, moncler Jacket pending community service order and probation report yesterday, provided training officer reprimanded him to use others to make the despicable acts, the behavior inexcusable.Lu left the court said, regret what you have done, also known as expected Liu will be convicted, the court lenient sentence.
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