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Posted Mar 26 2013 8:52am


Northeast of the   nike air max 2011 mens  control room is the most powerful, the rain trickle down to the basement, the basement floor reinforced rust on the cable equipment safety threatYesterday morning, the second session of the Guangzhou Yuexiu Cultural Development Advisory Committee, the appointment ceremony of the cultural development consultation forum held in Guangzhou Yuexiu District Government. Guangzhou University College of Architecture and Urban Planning Professor Tong Kwok Wah said at the meeting, and severe water Zhongshan Memorial Hall, there are more than ten points (drain).He told reporters that he commissioned by Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall to do the maintenance program, the current program has been delivered to the Memorial Hall management. Professor Tang said that Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall Centennial landmark effort worthy of all walks of life to maintain. Had "rotten moldy, dilapidated walls, dark one. Peripheral dirty surrounding residential areas is not a warehouse, is leased to migrant workers


(Reporter Zeng Wei Kang), Promised Land, the first high street was the birthplace of Guangzhou first family "Hsu's family, but due to the long-term lack of effective management, along the street and within Lane around the old houses and shops, and there is a serious fire hazard.Cultural development advisory forum, as the Xu family descendants Guangzhou City Artists Association, honorary chairman of Lu Yanguang said, "Xu Guangping former residence precarious" and "concerned about the promised land development is also my own fair share of things." Living in Hong Kong, China Xu Clan Council member Xuzi Hao told reporters that the Hui descendants spread around the world. Guangzhou Xu Clan of the end of 2005, will be set up in Hong Kong, one of the important mission is to re-fix Guangzhou promised land. In early 2006, Hsu's clan will contribute $ 1.5 million to commissioned the


American designer D  nike air max 2012 sale  ouglas W right design development of high street "Promised Land Mall Folk Culture Village" design "the proposed scheme, the cause of the government departments the attention, "had talked to some developers, but because of the demolition and other problems, the project temporarily." It is understood that, "Zhang the Zhenguan education donations by Zhang Hui Therefore, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Literature and Joint Publishing, Nanjing University, Beijing friends and colleagues of the University self-organized, two-year-old Zhang Hui's youngest son the Zhenguan carried donors. According to one of the contact Mary introduced the donation activities have been cut-off, they took over in the 24th. In the 26th, they will be to complete the handover and Ms. Zhang Huide Zhang Lin, after the fund-raising they will direct the transfer of Zhang Lin. She said that they did not want to complete this donation a big way, but I hope everything can occur quietly.


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