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New Spiritual Book Describes Journey to the Planet of Areth Revealing Insights About a Hopeful Future for Earth

Posted Feb 14 2013 5:55am
(1888PressRelease) Written for anyone who is intrigued by spiritual journeys and the immense possibilities for a better life here on Earth, Dal Col's book, Areth The Future of Earth: Volume 1 - The Voyage Journal is a seminal work on the intersection between two worlds. Offering hope for a better and peaceful future, Dal Col's book will lead readers to consider how they can help with making Earth.

Florida - Brazilian author J. A. Dal Col has written a fascinating book about his trip to the planet ARETH : The future of the EARTH: Volume 1 - The Voyage Journal, registered in the US on December 22, 2012. According to Dal Col, he traveled to Areth during January 1999, with the guidance of a spiritual being he knew as Oatas, with whom the author had met and talked during 1978. 

The purpose of the voyage was to experience a better world (Areth) with inhabitants enjoying a much greater quality of life and a strong belief in love and respect that could be the blueprint for a possible future of Earth. By writing a book, Dal Col would serve as the narrator of all he saw and learned to provide humans with hope and a spiritual strength to create a better life here on Earth. 

The book in English is co-authored by C. Lucio Magalhaes, a friend of Dal Col and the translator of the book from Portuguese. 

"As an engineer who loves new technology and inventions, I was fascinated by the consistency of the more advanced technology described in this book. It could very well be in the not too distant future of our planet. Indeed, the reader will notice that some of the things described and that didn't exist in 1999, when this story was first published, have already been created. Touch screen devices, voice recognition software and personal tablets, which were once a dream, are now part of our daily life."

Dal Col was always considered a "special person," especially after he left his high-level, technical position at a major company during 1992 to pursue an important spiritual and social project. That quest led to the events that began on the night of January 30, 1999, when Dal Col went to bed, frustrated from trying to start a book about the project he had in mind. 

During an unusual night of restful sleep, Oatas appeared to Dal Col. According to Oatas, the planet Areth is the Earth's sister planet, located in the Orion constellation. He said that not only Dal Col had dreamed about the people there and their great community, but also thousands of humans, including Jesus.

According to Dal Col's detailed narrative, he was teleported into a large spacecraft that was hovering above his home. Dal Col was then introduced to a number of crewmembers and received orientation about Areth. In his book, ARETH: The future of the EARTH: Volume 1 - The Voyage Journal, Dal Col is able to recall in great detail the features and characteristics of the Arethians he met. 

Dal Col shares all he saw and learned during his visit to Areth, including the building of new cities, agricultural areas, food production, meetings with government officials, social customs, hospitals, schools, underwater colonies and resorts and other leisure destinations. 

Following his 44-day trip, Dal Col was returned to Earth, prepared to describe his adventure His experiences and the information he obtained were so extensive that he wrote two separate volumes: the second volume, soon to be launched, explains the history and evolution of the Arethian way of life and it's called Volume 2: The past life of the Planet. The third volume still in the making will relate the planet's current social, political and economic systems and their inter-relationships. 

As per co-author C. Lucio Magalhaes , independent of religion or spiritual belief, there is something for everyone in this fascinating story full of insights. In this real-time description of a close encounter with extraterrestrials in an UFO, the author demystifies the idea that technologically advanced aliens are a threat to our infant civilization. On the contrary, it becomes evident that it is by spiritual growth that the biggest development and expansion can occur. 

About the Author - J. A. Dal Col was born during December 1948. During 1967, he began working at the former Brazilian Telephone Company, CTB, as a clerk, supervisor, head of department and systems analyst. He married his wife, Solange in 1973, with whom he had three children and adopted two others. During 1978, he graduated in business administration with specialization in system analysis. From 1974 to 1988, he held several management functions in the systems department of Manah, Votorantim, Prodam and foreign banks, such as First Chicago and BNL. During late 1988, he started a systems consulting firm and, in September of 1992, he moved to Alto Paraíso de Goiás, where he opened a supermarket and bought a farm, the Golden Valley Shrine. Based on what he had learned on Areth, Dal Col and his wife, Solange now share the farm with people seeking to live in harmony with nature and within a cooperative and respectful social organization. Anyone interested in this project is invited to visit (site is in Portuguese) or contact the rep in USA @ arethmessage ( @ ) gmail dot com

The books is currently available at Amazon,, and will soon be made available through The Ibook Store and Barnes and Noble.
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