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Near Death Experience Reveals the Theory of Time (Everything). Understand Time creates the ability to understand Gravity

Posted Feb 13 2014 5:34am
1888 PressRelease - I knew what had happening, I am there again, somewhere between life and death but this time I am ready with a list of questions and receive a vast amount of information. I remember my brain racing like wild fire during a session of questions with amazing simplicity of each answer. I do not know whom I was in contact, but it feels like a friend I have known and loved for a long time.

Richmond-Petersburg, VA - FREEWAY5

Near Death Experience Reveals The Theory of Time (Everything)
Black Holes, Dark Matter, Gravity, Before the Big Bang, God and the 144,000, and Destiny

Mr. Steven C. Marek's disclosure of "Everything" revolves around the understanding of "Time". Mr. Marek says if we are able to develop an understanding of the Sea of Time as vast, wide, and deep we are able to understand the existence of everything. Everything in the universe is matter and energy, yet nothing exists without the ability to move or vibrate that the movement of time makes possible. And what existed before Time and the Three Dimensional Universe merged? Mr. Marek explains this complex concept with ease and simplicity.

What eluded Newton and eludes many Twenty-first century scientist is clearly and simply explained in Mr. Marek's recent revelation. A free download copy of that revelation and a web log can be found at

Mr. Marek has a history of heart failure and officially experienced his first documented near death experience in 2001. August 2004, Mr. Steven Marek again lived through a second near death experience. His defibrillator, implanted after his first event, had a data recording of this second event. Although Mr. Marek was clinically dead for under a minute, this time he knew what had happened, he was there again, somewhere between life and death and was ready with a list of questions and a vast amount of information was relayed to him. Mr. Marek remembered his brain racing like wild fire during a session of questions and answers. The remarkable thing was the swiftness of each question and answer. In his mind each question and answer took only a few seconds, and the answers were so incredibly simple. Mr. Marek did not know whom he was in contact but it felt like a friend he had known and loved for a long time. His mind racing, he knew he had to stop thinking this fast or it could kill him. Then the defibrillator fired and Mr. Marek awakened alone in the parking lot of a Richmond, Virginia apartment complex.

Mr. Marek remembered a few of the questions and answers but not all. He did not want to force the information as he was unsure and did not want to unknowingly make up something that really was not a part of the experience. He hoped they would eventually come forward in his memory or would relive them in dreams.

Although Mr. Marek cannot guarantee with one hundred percent certainty, he believes much of what he documented in a web log was revealed to him during, or inspired by, both his first and second near death experience.

For more info on Mr. Marek's Theory of Time, check out his web log at or or call Mr. Steven C. Marek, 787.841.7456.

Tel. 787-841-7456
Email: bzx2c ( @ ) yahoo dot com
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