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Natural remedies a hoax???

Posted by AudricsMom

My son is 7 and was diagnosed with moderate ADHD when he was in kindergarten.  It took me a year of trying Omega 3's and dramatic diet changes which did not help at all.  The best remedy was to give him a strong cup of caffienated coffee and the effects were fast acting and did not last long.  He was seeing a Child Psychologist and life coach who thought he was wonderful and brilliant.  He said that emotionally our son was fine but that we needed to treat the ADHD symptoms if we wanted to see a difference in his overall behaviour. Finally we decided to medicate him.  At first, the medication was wonderful.  He did really well.  Then my cardiologist told me that the concern of cardiac problems is high when using a regular "quick acting" pill.  So I had him switched to Adderall XR as a safer option.  At first it was ok but we are up to one 20 mg pill a day and it helps him a little bit.  I can definately see a difference when he doesn't have it but when he does take the medicine it barely helps him with listening and impulsivity.  I am now at a point where I cannot and will not increase his doseage, yet I am scared to try another medication (we tried ritalin for 1 month and it was a nightmare) so I want to try homeopathic remedies and vitamin therapy to see if it will help or if I can get at least the same effect I get from a high dose of Adderall.  I have been researching for several weeks and I have narrowed it down to a few products I would like to try.  Has anyone ever tried Bach Flower Remedies: Attention Deficit formula  ?  Also i would like to try a vitamin supplement based on the "B vitamin deficiency" theory that is called Child Essence.  We have an appointment with the Pediatrician today who will be excited to hear that I want to decrease his medication and try more natural treatments for his ADHD.  If anyone has tried these medications first hand or given them to their children I would love to have some feedback.  Thanks!

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Natural remedies aren't a hoax, it's just that there is no one size that fits all. Each person has their unique needs that can even change one day to the next. I do like Bach Flower Remedies as they are harmless. However, again, there is no one remedy or blend to fit every child with ADHD.

Some things I do like include Gaba. Gaba quiets an over active mind making it ideal for people that have difficulty focusing and difficulty sleeping.  Licorice Root can be used in place of caffeine.  It's not meant to stay on for a long time but helps get the adrenals back into balance.  The B vitamins you mentioned are good.  Or you can use Bee Pollen.  This also provides amino acids.  Lemon Balm and Catnip are good for relaxation without knocking a person out.  This makes it nice for daytime.  I used similar blends successfully on my own son.

A good counselor helps.  But you'll want to find someone more creative than drug picking.  Someone that understands your goals.

I was a hyperactive child. I am hypersensitive to people and my surroundings. I like to be this way, it serves me well in the natural healing field.  There are techniques and therapies helpful to people with ADHD to enhance the gifts they have and help overcome the challenges.  Be persistent and you'll find what works for your son.

Best Wishes


Hi Audrics Mom! I suggest that you replace any refined vegetable oils in your kitchen with olive oil, then try the fish oil again. Also, make sure your boy is not eating refined oils in takeout or school food. Refined seed oils (corn, soybean, peanut, sunflower) are seriously low in vitamin E, a deficiency that oxidizes the brain, including the brain of the unborn child. Consumption of such oils by the mother during pregnancy is the actual cause of ADHD. Almost all mothers of ADHD children develop permanent glare sensitivity, due to oil-induced retinal damage; and if they continue to use such oils, they will notice their memory slowly getting worse. In fact, the same oils are now known to cause Alzheimer's disease, so I strongly suggest that any adult using these oils immediately change to olive oil, which may allow the memory to improve--perhaps completely. Another suggestion for your son is to eat Inositol-rich foods, if he has some anxiety mixed in with his ADHD: his adverse reaction to Ritalin suggests he may have some such co-morbid anxiety. Inositol is found in seeds, grains, nuts and sweet citrus fruits. It is also protective against Alzheimer's, so all oil-exposed people should not only switch to olive oil, they should also eat Inositol foods. Both ADHD and Alzheimer's will stop happening when refined seed oils have their low vitamin E level checked by law, and corrected, by adding the vitamin to natural levels.

Hello. No, natural remedies aren't a hoax but it can take a while to find the right combination that works.

This article might help you to understand the holistic approach to treating ADHD:

 I've had good success with this method for treating my patients. 

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