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n order to cover up the truth send

Posted Mar 01 2013 5:59am

The February 28 Incident, the  cheap nike air max 95 mens   event the massive population against the government in Taiwan at the end of February 1947, and from March to May, the Nationalist government sent troops to suppress the massacre of the people of Taiwan, hunting Taiwanese elite event. Including the conflict between the people and the government, the military repression of civilians, attacks of the natives of the new immigrants, as well as Taiwan gentry were military police killing and so on circumstances. Final exam score eight points, why the transcripts into 65 points? 27, appear a microblogging broke the news, said the middle school because of the students' final examination of Bobai County force bad, private student transcript changes to improve the test scores, to send fake transcripts deceived parents. After the scandal, the network is in an uproar. In response, the school principal, said the report card results system the average multiple examinations throughout the semester, not just the final examination. Force Wen Secondary competent departments the Bobai County Board of Education also said that the gap transcripts achievements and actual results can be understood. February 27, friends, "laughs the wife and children at the Mother"  nike air max 90 outlet online    microblogging broke the news, said only 15 points, the average scores of the final examination of some of the subjects force the text, Bobai County high school sophomore students, school man-made changes to improve student achievement in order to cover up the truth send fake transcripts deceived parents.

Laugh wife and children at the Mother "revealed that the information is the friend told him several forces Wen Secondary school. He also provided a transcript of a force text high school sophomore. The transcript shows that the student of mathematics, physics,   cheap nike air max 87 shoes   chemistry, biology final exam scores were 73 points, 60 points, 62 points, 65 points. But in fact, the student of mathematics, physics, chemistry, bio-ending test scores were 25 points, 31 points, 27 points, 8 points.Laugh wife and children at the Mother "challenged" school sent fake transcripts harboring students deceived parents, no home visits teachers on student achievement is also turning a blind eye, so conscience, what is the Centennial Education plans? "

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