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My love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with Money

Posted Nov 17 2008 11:50pm

Diane Ladd challenged her readers to write about their love affair with money. (For more information see previous post ) I have got to admit that this is a difficult assignment for me. I think this is because even though I work in the Financial industry and my blog is titled Adult ADD and Money, I really have come to loathe money is general. I don't really loathe the concept of money, I loathe the damage that having money or lacking money can cause to a person.

Growing up I viewed money as the great divider. The social groups that you were in mostly depended on your perceived social status. Money bought you the clothes so that you would fit in in school, it determined your social calendar, and bought you the toys you could brag about. Sometimes the scorn of kids who had more money than me was so thick you could cut it with a knife. You could feel their attitude of superiority, and it hurt.

I deserve a lot of the blame for my relationship with money. When I have had a little extra I would always find someway to spend it all that gave me a temporary high. I tried to ignore money when I was lacking it, but that never solved my problems, money is a cruel lover and was always seeking revenge when I was neglectful. I don't always appreciate what money has done for me and I feel I am not always putting enough into the relationship to keep it stable in the future.

However my relationship with money is continuing to improve. Once I discovered that money was not responsible for my happiness, that I was the only person or thing who was in charge of my happiness. I have been less judgmental of the relationship that I and others have with money, I have been more accepting of money's faults, and I continue to notice more of money's strengths. There just might be hope for us yet.

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