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Mother’s Health may Help Predict Risk of ADHD Diagnosis

Posted Dec 29 2008 6:38pm

Homeschooling According to a new study, a child’s risk of being diagnosed with ADHD may be tied to the state of the mothers health before giving birth.

Thomas Ray, the author of the study, implies “that the diagnoses and health care utilization that a mother receives prior to having her child is predictive of having a child who is diagnosed with ADHD.”

Mr. Ray goes on to state“Our study raises the possibility that certain types of mothers — those who get or seek diagnoses and who use more health services — may be more likely to seek ADHD diagnoses for their children,” The researchers are not clear wheteher the increase in diagnoses of ADHD are due tobiological, environmental or psychosocial factors — or some combination of these factors.

The study was carried out among three groups of mothers: mothers of children without ADHD, mothers of children with ADHD and mothers of children with asthma.  They found that mothers of children with ADHD spent, on average, $1000.00 more on the year prior to and the year following giving birth compared to the other two groups and that they had more illnesses than the mothers of children with asthma did.

My two cents:

I’m really not sure what this study proves, but then I’m from a demographic that this study didn’t cover.  I have both ADHD and asthma.  My parents didn’t spend a massive lot of money on health care until I began having trouble breathing.  There is no indication of mental health problems or other massive health problems with my mother until she died, in fact she was extremely healthy until she contracted lymphoma.  So at least in my case this study proves nothing.

I would be very interested to see the entire study, unfortunately the article I cite here does not cite a link to the original work.  If anyone has this information, I would love to look it over so that I can get a better understanding of how this researcher came to these conclusions, or whether there is a predisposition for him to feel that this problem existed.

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