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More than just Vitamin D: New Specifics On Vit D3

Posted Sep 16 2008 4:52am 5 Comments

Vitamin D3 is more than just Vitamin D and Sunshine          Sunbeachkids
Many are recognizing the relevance of Vitamin D3 testing for multiple brain and body applications, but there are some important caveats found in this recent paper:

JJ Cannell†, BW Hollis, M Zasloff & RP Heaney, "Diagnosis and treatment of Vitamin D deficiency," Expert Opin. Pharmacother. (2008) 9(1):1-12

  1. D3 is not D2, and most of the large doses written for the convenience of infrequent dosing - is D2,
  2. Pay attention to the dosing based upon the levels found in testing,
  3. Notice the specific test that is recommended: 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25[OH]D), 
  4. Review the multiple applications for D3 levels in a variety of conditions from osteopenia, to fibromyalgia, to depression
  5. Relevance in pregnancy and breast feeding documented
  6. 105 solid references with treatment specifics

We've been interested in D3 for some time now, and recommend following Dr Cannell's work at the Vitamin D Council site and through his newsletter there.

And here is an interesting article on Vitamin D and Mental Illness.

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I have taken two doses of vitamin D3 doctor ordered for osteopenia.  I took the first dose in the am an lost an entire day to sleeping my heart was beating fast I checked my bp before laying down it was 168/93 high for me...I could NOT stay awake felt extremely hot my body temp of later ( last few years) is below normal.  The next dose I took without the calcium as I was thinking if I took them one at a time I could tell which was causing the sleep issue.  1000mg of vit D3 without calcium I think cause halo like vision problem very much a aura before a migrain yet different. I did have a head ache later but not a migrain.   I am not sure how to explain this experience it was like there were two rings of light around each of my eyes I could not focus even after the halos passed again the heart was pouning.

I am concerned about this and would like to know what the down side or side effects of Vit D3 is.  I did not have blood work before these vit were ordered.  I had a bone density scan as I have a broken foot from a hop on the kitchen floor.  So I am wondering maybe my particular form of osteopenia is not caused by a lack of vit D?  I read another report online that state vit D given to a person who has parathyroid disease can cause a stroke. 

If there is any follow up on comments I am curious to learn about this.  Thanks

As far as I've read what you've experienced are not side effects to vitamin d3 even with calcium.  Actually it is recommended one takes calcium and vitamin d3 together to help absorpption.  I was diagnosed with extremely low vitamin d after my md checked my blood levels.  He put me on 50,0000 I.Us a week for 2 months.  During that time, I didn't have any side effects.  My levels were still low.  I started taking liquid vitamin d3 daily, and that helped.  Perhaps you should get a second opinion and definitely mention your reactions.

I had vit D checked since and it is low not deficient but low.  Also new research reported on the news said calcium supplement may prevent 3 broken bones in 1000 people but will cause heart attach or stroke in 1000 people so think I will stay away from calcium.  When I had that reaction to vit D3 and calcium  I had two balls of light one around each eye like an aura but way stronger I could not see.  

I was then sent to a endo doc who did a 24 hour urine twice one before vit D3 once after Taking Vit D3 for a month @ 400mg.  I did not follow dythe test requirements exactly as after a couple of days of vit D I could not sleep at night and had extreme anxiety.  So I would take it a couple of days then go off a couple of day to sleep.  

At the end of the month the test were redone this is what they found.. the more vit D3 I take the more my body get rid of..... bit D levels were lower after the month than the were before I took the VD supplement.  

Also my bicarbonate was high my Gamma Globulin was low ALT was high she made no recomendations except to have the bone density test done again... not sure what is going on don't think much of her as a doc really she did not seem interested... and did not tell me to have a retest of bmd just wrote it in a report and put it in her file.  I have no family doc for her to send it to.  

I am just learning all this a year later when I finally got the money to pay for my file.

Any new ideas or advice.

ps seems my teeth are slipping away I keep having tooth aches and have lost a few teeth recently is this related? 

I have fibro btw and have been investigated for ms have plaques in the white matter of my brain or did have in 2007 mri
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