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Milk Allergies Matter: Foreign Proteins In Food

Posted Jul 13 2011 12:00am
300px Cow milking machine in action DSC0413226 Milk Allergies Matter: Foreign Proteins In Food

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Robyn O’Brien At : My Office Findings Match This Report

This 18.27 min report will tell you what I have regularly been telling so many patients about food allergies, especially milk. Their office data/testing tells the tale.

For the last several years since looking at findings as a means of correcting refractory psych conditions – those people who fail ordinary psych treatments – I see so many of these reactions to milk in my office everyday. The offender, dear readers, is not so often gluten, as is so alive in the press, but is far more often milk and milk products. The percentage with allergies to milk: over 90%, allergies to gluten: 70%, allergies to eggs: 50%. Milk, wheat and egg allergies all at once, together: I facetiously call them the Trifecta.

And, yes, an appropriate change in diet, removing the offending antigen , can turn them dramatically around.

Clients Don’t Consult With CorePsych For Fun

I won’t take a lot of time telling you why you should listen to Robyn, except to say this is a very important message for you, your family, and every American family. People don’t consult with CorePsych from Taiwan, South Africa, Singapore, or Washington DC for fun – they are lost and misunderstood because they aren’t getting well with the very best care. Of the allergies we measure and correct with testing, this message rings true. Take a few minutest to listen up:

Robyn At TED in Austin


Think about the important implications here and please send this along to your friends or colleagues wondering about the limitations of good psychiatric interventions.


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