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Milestones In Health & Nutrition

Posted Jul 15 2010 10:39am

On my road of experience with ADD I can look back and identify many points along the way that were milestones, where change took place and a shift for the better occurred within me. One milestone that was a key factor in my personal growth, was physical health.

I view exercise and nutrition as the building blocks of both physical and emotional health. Exercise is unique to each individual and with so many different ways to participate, there are a lot of options to consider. For me, I have always been very active in athletics so the process of finding an exercise routine that worked for me was very enjoyable. One thing remains true in almost every person’s life no matter who you are, nothing is better than exercise and balanced eating habits. I hate the word diet! While I exercise in many different ways, the two consistent aspects of my exercise program are running and weight lifting.

As I started to work towards my goals, there were many changes that I started to notice in myself. The first and most obvious was I was losing my excess weight, which was also tied to healthy nutrition. The second impact was that I started to become much more energized throughout my workday and weekends. I had more energy to complete my workday and more energy to play with my kids. This energy also translated into a clearer and sharper mind for me, which is very important in the challenge one faces with ADD. When my mind is clear from exercising, I can focus more, I can think in a more logical and structured fashion and that allows me to attain better results in all areas of my life. In this busy world, there will be times when work, family or unplanned events will draw you away from your required exercise.

I have learned two very important lessons regarding this 1)Schedule it
2)If I don’t do it, I will not function at my capacity.

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