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Mental Health Notes thinks has made an A.S.S. of themselves

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:04pm

Alicia Sparks of Mental Health Notes has awarded what she calls the A.S.S. Award (for Mental Health Notes’ A busive S upporter of S tigma).  Miss Sparks is granting this award based on an article published by titled Are Dairy and Milk Making Brit Split?, in which the author makes more than one rather provocative and supposedly cute “quips” about bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in connection with claims from PETA that certain cases of the condition may be worsened by the consumption of meat and dairy products.

Regardless of whether the research from PETA is valid or whether I agree with their standpoints, I do agree with miss Sparks that the use of grade-school comparisons and underhanded jokes aimed at people with a mental illness (or suspected of having one, in the case of the troubled Brittney Spears), is simply reprehensible.

Miss Sparks, I applaud you!  you may add our vote of appreciation, and add the ADHDFamilies J.A.C.K. Award to the list of accolades given. (for J ust A nother C irculator of M isinformed K rud.)

I suppose that makes this particular author a recipient of a combined J.A.C.K. and A.S.S. Award, or just a J.A.C.K.-A.S.S.

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