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men's nike lebron 10 hegemony sing that the

Posted Mar 26 2013 8:54am


The world   men's nike lebron 10  hegemony sing that the relatively high level of a decade ago to write network literature, "End of the telling of history, their own love of this thing, and now write network literature threshold is getting lower and lower." "You see the network literature legend make tens of millions a year, for example, you make a thousand dollars a month, eight thousand to hire someone to brush votes, if you do not, your book can not top the money to throw in here, you say What is the point? form a vicious cycle. "Er Yue He said the school is to keep the process of accumulation of each read it again, feel the change more, the accumulation of things more.Talked about their reading experiences, Er Yue He recalled the days do not have the chance to read, "Twenty-Four Histories" has become my day-to-day reading, then finally a "Strange" to borrow because others chasing beg, I copied night half the people regarded me as "crazy" look.


Er Yue He said: "At first I did not the consciousness when what writer, purely in order to enrich themselves. Then the idea is simple, that is, you want to use the book to enrich themselves, solve their spiritual hunger problem. Now in retrospect, perhaps It is this simple, but the idea of??laying a solid foundation for my future works. "for shallow reading sway phenomenon in today's society, Er Yue He said that the moment many young people give up the books into the computer's arms, is a kinds of the urgently important social phenomenon, the inevitable result of this phenomenon is: read the serious decline of the quality.Read the original should be a traditional thing, quietly, firmly Dangdang Februaryriver. The moment many people reading have stayed at the level of understanding and, unwilling to digest, especially in the network and the development of new media also gave birth to this phenomenon, such a reading is only a little knowledge, only knew enough, I do not know their why.


Admittedly, paper books do not have a computer so fast and convenient, but the computer brings aftertaste and ponder the degree of depth is far less than the book, but the network read make it difficult to truly enter into the field of literary thinking, let alone lead to readers think precise and meticulous scrutiny. Simply put,   kobe 7 for sale  the network read comes to go, no time to absorb the nutrition. In contrast, paper books can be a buffer between people easier to settle down, to facilitate the commencement of thinking. According to the results of the survey Yuan Yida, a researcher of the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, China's proportion of the smallest of the three small surnamed difficult death, Hill (sound "Asia").

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