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men's nike air max 1 Premier Zhou to Diaoyutai

Posted Mar 26 2013 8:50am

Subsequently,   men's nike air max 1  Premier Zhou to Diaoyutai met with us to come with Kang Sheng. That was my report to Premier Zhou treatment programs, Premier Zhou then said: Do not be nervous thing. Decided to tooth extraction. First by Hongzhu Ren to her the buccal injection of local anesthetic, palatal Note not. First palatal needle pain, may have nausea after injection. Because this is a loose tooth, iodine phenol in the palatal gingival sulcus on analgesic effect. Results Bingya Unplug very well, she has not called pain, we breathed a sigh of relief. Premier Zhou to come into the surgery has ended."you've got the famous journalist! I've heard before, heard before, unfortunately, we only met today.""Yes ah, yes ah!" Helen while talking side to come up with a 42 years ago, Mao Zedong's personal letter to Deng Xiaoping.Deng Xiaoping holding this special letters, carefully read several times, and surprise at not more performance on the calm demeanor he is known, but Observant people will be aware of how much to his heart waves.


Letter 42 years late letter is how the case? Original, as early as in August 1931, with a dream of as a great writer, traveled far away to Shanghai, China, Helen, and her first few years to China's Snow love at first sight and married at the end of the year. June 1936, Snow alone secret reached northern Shaanxi, senior party leaders such as Mao Zedong and the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region 4 months interview, have written to the Chinese Communist Party is a large number of little-known first-hand information and organize passion rising into a book. To be infected, and wife, Helen, also resolved in early October of this year, arrived in Xi'an, in northern Shaanxi, but the KMT military police to strengthen the tight blockade of Xi'an to Yan'an traffic, Helen is unable to do so, only to return to Beijing to wait for Snow frustrated return. However, she is not imaginary line. On October 3, Zhang Xueliang met her with several reporters and issued a statement. Afterwards, only Helen promptly and truthfully reported that Zhang's claim.


After the peaceful  nike air max for sale  settlement of the Xi'an Incident, the KMT and the CPC soon realize the second cooperation. On April 23, 1937, the Snows hope to coverage KMT-CPC cooperation under the new situation of the Communist Party and the Red Army, Snow is going all out to write "Red Star Over China" and not get away, Helen decided instead he went to northern Shaanxi interview, hoping to round themselves to dream of the red area to interview. After the Xi'an Incident Xi'an, vigilance should be stricter than what period. Moreover, last year, Snow secret interview issue and Helen reports about Zhang Xueliang, go to the red zone, Xi'an authorities of any one such the Snow as people have taken welcoming attitude. Helen entered Xi'an closely by seven police "protection". Look rainstorm on leakage dozen leak irregularly distributed in the arena, east, etc.



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