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magnesium and vit b6. Is there a vitamin w this combo for children w adhd? my son is 10 and also hyper. thanks

Posted by Carla D. Facebook

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What have you looked into so far? My son is 16 and has been OFF of prescription medications now for the past two years (he was on them for 7). He is on an incredible "cocktail" of supplements and we add to that Lecithin. The Omega's are one of the most important supplements you can give to your child but you have to be very careful to make sure that there are no PCB's or heavy metals in the fish oil you are giving him (just because the label says there aren't any, doesn't make it true in this unregulated industry). Ask the company to provide you with proof of purity, efficacy and find out how they process their Omegas. Heat destroys the properties of the Omegas and other methods do not remove the heavy metals or chemical contaminants. Please message me if you want any more information, it iwll be my pleasure to help! :-) Paula.
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