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Louis Vuitton Belt,Louis Vuitton Belt

Posted Oct 21 2011 1:06am
Taiwan Strait based on science line
of science education, communication and conservation of museum attention, KT Li Technology Development Foundation of Taiwan should be invited, Science and Technology Commission decided to organize the months removed links and related procedures for the end of 2006, finally realized the trip to Taiwan. Yeosu delegation is headed by King Science and Technology Committee, the Beijing Natural History Museum Rao Chenggang, on behalf of Hui left Beijing Planetarium, Beijing Guo elk Court Museum farming, Science and Technology Commission Xia, gold group, repair Lily, sustainable development, science and technology promotion center Wangxu Tong, Yong Bai, Xicheng District, Science and Technology Commission of nine members. Before departure, the leadership of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing Science and Technology Commission in person to introduce situation, stressed that this line is not known abroad, called the exit, the delicate relationship between the two island elections in full swing, the inspection, we must adhere to the ; we Chinese a good grasp of political security and personal safety, the Taiwan Affairs Office of earnest exhortations to make us feel this visit, indeed different from the past to go out, not starting, then immersed in a mysterious and strange feeling in the.
a winter to see the rain in Taipei, Taiwan Taipei
largest city, our delegation in November 25, 2006 arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport before dawn, in rain and snow swirling in the Leaves, 12:00; the ground temperature reaches 30 Hong Kong up to 26 degrees, the fire rush to the fire for immigration clearance at the airport, especially in the writing of Also on the plane: aircraft, China Airlines of Taiwan, more than an hour after landing at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, take out luggage, do complete the customs procedures, landed on the Taiwan side of the guide arranged for us the bells and whistles of a station wagon, is at 16: 20.
finally set foot on this island is long-fascinating place, our car along the highway from Taipei County, Taoyuan through, marching back to Taipei, though Saturday is all the way on the highway congestion. Fortunately, for us to do the whole tour guide, Mr. Mo, a 50-year-old has abundant experience of gentle humility of veterans, claiming younger brother, also often bow, in the car gave us a nuanced explanation of the The carrier amounted to 10 million people every day, is divided into three underground MRT, the second floor is the TRA, a layer is a commercial street Double Tenth National Day that is) one (Kaohsiung, Keelung, Taipei, Hualien), Taipei's city flower of azalea, city birds for the Formosan blue magpie, banyan tree city arranged in turn between two points that politicians understand it or not, the principle of linear recently six in the evening, we finally sat down, called in a fruit . Foundation
2006 å¹´ 11 27, Technology Building in Taipei, Beijing science all members of the delegation heads, led by Mr. Wang Lishui, dressed, met with Secretary-General, led by Professor Wan Qichao KT Li Technology Development Foundation.
KT Li of Taiwan during his lifetime technological, economic sector dignitaries, officials said Mr Lee. Lee devoted his life to promoting Taiwan's technological and economic development, outstanding contribution, as gratitude for Mr. Li Guoding ambition industry, financing of enthusiastic people in all walks of life support of the spring of 1991, KT Li Technology Development Foundation was established as a consortium of government agencies, founded to promote science and technology and science and technology activities, to develop scientific and technological talents in recent years, the Foundation is committed to cross-strait science and technology, cultural and educational exchange activities, including Museum
both academic activities of this study trip, is a vivid manifestation of a successful cooperation.
met with their counterparts in science also attended the National Science Council of Science Education in Taiwan, TECO Technology Foundation, China Research Foundation and other scientific and educational organizations in charge. Beijing and Taiwan science who know each other and exchanged information on science, I put my several popular science books 300 increasing, and now the basic form venue representatives to Taiwan to do science colleagues entitled need to communicate with counterparts in Taiwan too much content, with the lyrics is (volunteer) mechanism, donation methods has done a good discussion, we propose to Taiwan's recognition through four areas: audience, government, experts and representatives, including representatives of the people is very powerful, and often argue unflinchingly, and thus, also to strengthen social supervision mechanism for Taiwan counterparts objectively pointed out: Taiwan has the advantage of talent, because the natural resources and space is limited. prepare a free vegetarian lunch meat, so I was flattered. We ate and chatted. great meaning Brief Encounter, TECO Foundation official also expressed the hope that invited us to do the next trip to Taiwan popular science lectures.
Third, pay homage to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
this is a great revolutionary forerunner of the century, the 140th anniversary of the birth of great Sun Yat-sen, Taiwan's streets and buildings in some prominent position, can see that read Sun Yat-sen's birthday The San Want hotel, not ten minutes, came to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. but see a wall of Dan Gold watt, high column cornices, antique majestic building: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, located in Zhongshan Park center, and the distant towers of the 101 is completely modern style buildings exist side by side.
officially opened by nine o'clock, there will be military ceremonial performances, while we wait for the camera freely around the machine, walk, not far away, a pool of clear water called Green Lake, probably with the Sun Yat-sen's hometown, a solemn place, to allow people free access, the idea is in line with Sun Yat-sen's Three Principles of livelihood thinking advocated during his lifetime. According to reports: lines Yi to the glory of their ideological theory, the Taiwan authorities in the Republic of 53 years (1964) conception to build Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, 61 years Republic (1972) has finally completed the main hh increased Auditorium, lecture hall, Yixian Gallery, Tsuiheng Gallery, Yixian screening room, Zhongshan auditorium, multimedia theater, library, Dr. Hsien, audio-visual centers, social education facilities, the annual free event for the public garden , charitable activities, environmental activities and other charitable activities, the participants of 60 million people here just like the citizens of Taipei has become a large-scale cultural events and a full range of social education activities, and cultural center.
Lake gull on the water, there are heron , the square on the ground with pigeon wander, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall plaza surrounded by accessible, let people through, Serious and harmony. see the street not far from that, come to the car, a bus of the vehicle body, actually write such a green environment for public service ads, although auto flash, but enough to make me memorable: see through the museum before Sun Yat-sen's statue, tall and majestic three Army soldiers are armed standing. nine on schedule to open the door, we enter the hall with the crowd, free to take pictures, in addition to soldiers with the butt points to pace the voice, solemn audience, the middle of Sun Yat-sen's huge copper statue. East Room as the get rid of foreign powers, a unified country, Dream is the only baggage hh I thought that Taiwan, though a small place, from one city to another, but also take the road an hour, you can also enjoy the scenery, Fan Deshang fly it?
morning, took off from Taipei Songshan Airport, which Hualien is a small plane to go, took off soon, we understand the need for the plane turned out, many mountainous regions of Taiwan, Taipei to Hualien, not far from the straight line, but the barrier for the Central Mountains, east of the mountains is called of the mountain, and Hualien in Taiwan after the slow development of mountain areas, a relatively isolated area and more importantly, only bird's eye view coastline, mountains, plains, streams, we will understand the topography of Taiwan is more accurate, more intuitive .
land overlooking the island, mountain and sea phase at, there is a prominent peninsula, called the nose angle, this angle as an important landmark, into the East China Sea and the Pacific, while the one in the Central Mountain Range and the coastal mountain range between the small rivers: Hualien River, took the Central Mountain Range where the Eurasian and Philippine plates where the coastal mountains, into two. it is because of the special geological structure, Hualien earthquake-prone areas. Hualien, is the only Chinese and counties bordering the Pacific, the wizard said with a smile: looked across from Taiwan, across the United States. cetaceans worldwide 67 species, about 21 kinds of Taitung area in the vast sea from the coast, and saw some of the regular to floating things, I heard that call set-nets, unfortunately, seen whales, but even that, on the plane, the flight attendants were in Chinese, Minnan, Hakka remind you: seatbelts, not allowed to take pictures, because Hualien either for the military and civilian airport, How can we allow 'spy Allied positions. We are one by one to be shot.
since Hualien is located in the intersection of the different sections, then the stone will be rich in the morning to noon, we visited a stone factory and showroom and sales counter with a lot of people, including Our comrades in this mission generous nature gods of good fortune, by the local people for the profit of the mining industry, and really reflects environment Everyday, by water draft ah.
afternoon, along the highway through the Taroko Gorge on the road against the river, the river that Liwu, Taiwan's river water is generally smaller, as people claimed: , hair lotions is urgent. pictures of everyone in the front archway, is said to be the only east-west road archway, and half a century ago, when this road hand-cut, extremely hard, Chiang Kai-shek spent a day six to seven people basic for the demobilized soldiers, ridden typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rain threat, personnel injury, equipment damage numerous, cost four hundred and thirty million yuan, which took three years nine months and 28 days. can be described as a mixed blood and tears of the road, so Experts wonder Western Highway, is so way, Taroko the majestic beauty of the scenery was able to show, in fact, when the construction of this road is not the true intentions of tourism, but the preparations, when defense road, tourist road now, pray, robbery between brothers smile can obliterate allies and enemies, forms of modern civilization, a sign of human ecology in the West, some parts of the national parks and nature reserves have the same meaning is; Prior to departure, I was intent on Taiwan, proposed that the units of the zoo and the natural protected areas, the former did not succeed, the latter finally get to November 26, .2006, all members of our delegation came to Beijing science at the east coast of Taiwan, Taroko National Park in Hualien County in Taiwan, is attached to the Ministry of the Interior National Park Construction and Planning Agency; scenic part of the Tourism Bureau; Museum is the Ministry of Education She Jiaosi. Taroko National Park, east Pacific, west of the Snowy Mountains, a beautiful, secluded valley high gorge, along Liwu on, along the Central Cross-Island Highway climb about three hours, will be able to from 0 to 3742 meters above sea level, the impact of the northeast monsoon, the climate changes significantly, significant vertical temperature difference a day can experience four seasons, vegetation and landscape changing from Taiwan, known as one of the Eight of water cliff looking, high non peaked, magnificent, Taroko National Park is the only coastal area of ​​erosion in the water Over time, the formation of almost vertical broken rock, basic rock from the linen, marble and green schist, in Taitung coast stretches 21 kilometers, rare in the world.
landscape diversity, gave birth to the biological richness of the Taroko National Park visitor center, we visited the well-appointed eco-recreational hall, museum and children's education man and nature museum. children in the natural knowledge of the maze to find a way out, we are what they need to take pictures. because there is an appointment in advance, so a woman wearing a uniform national park come for us to do a general explanation, the Taiwan's national parks and national parks in the world to do more, and play the movie Show version, sand table, specimens, sculpture, silver, the Taroko time and space diversity, concentrated here, can be seen, Taroko meaning by the year 2000, man martial, the Atayal women's weaving good, is one of Taroko stretches so far I have seen a long time favorite of the Formosan clouded leopard, Taiwan macaque, Taiwan's small deer (called muntjac in Taiwan), black pheasant Taiwan (in Taiwan called the mikado) and Taiwan wild boar, lifelike, but unfortunately all specimens. complex forest for the animals provide a rich habitat and source of things, according to statistics, where 31 kinds of mammals, birds Class 144 kinds of amphibians, 13 species of reptiles, 28 species of insects is a wide range, only reached 251 kinds of butterflies, Taiwan is known as the Butterfly Kingdom, a real ah. Taroko Gorge in order to truly understand, we must back pack, taking the feet, being in the rhythm of life is movement. Taroko National Park, set up more than ten hiking trails for people to personally accept the baptism and the nature of enlightenment on the essence of life.
us along the nine Cave trail meandering and curved lines, valleys, streams, broken rocks, tunnels, vivid and some within reach of the rock plants Arundo donax, ranging between a reed and bamboo plants, mountains and plains. walk in the cut in the mountains rock on the road, always able to feel, is the waves, a Unit of the updraft, people carried away, so you were born of understanding the issue of a sight to behold.
Miya, Taroko Gorge! Taroko stone, with its graceful and varied Arts and Sciences, recounting the story of millions of years forming the earth; Taroko water, with its incessant babble of Tattler, millions of years points to cut into the mountain valley of wonders; too Lu House of the people, with its indomitable character, tradition, thousands of years to survive the tragic history; spring change, all ups and downs, turn over, the beauty of nature!
six, after the Taipei Palace Museum and Yangmingshan
I childhood living in Beijing, Beijing was known as the Imperial City, mainly because there is the emperor of the Ming and Qing Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City Palace Yiming, magnificent, temples stretching, it is said, the palace houses up to 9999, his best extravagant, momentum Hui, but also has a museum in Taipei, but far more than the Beijing Palace Museum collection, which makes long time I wanted to see their style.
2000 年 11 月 27 日 afternoon, finally got his wish, our science missions to Beijing, Taipei Palace. the car, head to see is a white marble arch that read only $ 25. up the stairs, located in the United States came to embrace Lun mountain yellow and green tiles in the palatial premises of the ridge. Mr. Xiang Daomo familiar to introduce the open: the National Palace Museum collection of 655,156, is the world's four major Heritage Museum, one of the other three are the British Museum, the Palace of Versailles in France, the United States Metropolitan Museum of Art, Taipei National Palace Museum collection there are four main sources: the former Imperial Palace in Beijing, Shenyang Imperial Palace, community donations, collected for many years. inherited from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing in four of the main or Qing treasures, including calligraphy, paintings, rare books, Qing archives, bronzes, jade, ceramics, curios, etc., collection years, from the Neolithic to the Republic, can be described as arts and crafts in China of the essence.
first to enjoy the bronze, bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, was before the Iron Age, humans use the most hard metal. exhibits a dazzling array of offerings with respect Warring States period, Mao Gongding so ancient left mostly bronze ritual is ritual items, the right instrument is a symbol of the exhibition text is very active, said the bronze as: buried bronze tips: Underground malachite, copper ground flower, it is insight.
jade is the most eye-catching, and most seductive treasures, beautiful stone that the jade in the contrast, symbol of a gentleman. to onlookers.
English CHINA Chinese word meaning a porcelain, ceramic firing is an important milestone in the history of human civilization in the Taipei Palace Museum collection a large number of fine ceramic, porcelain elegant and quiet, simple beauty of nature Yuan porcelain, Ming porcelain glazed colorful, as the technology matures and the art of extreme, Jun, officer, Louis Vuitton Belt,Louis Vuitton Belt, brother, Yu, fixed, five famous kilns side by side, until the officials and the public sports, splendor points was confusing. sincere admiration gentle Chinese nation, the performance of these utensils are ubiquitous on the poetry and literary mood and temperament in a forgotten name and age of porcelain painting, I write down this familiar verse two: House of blowing Yudi, May River City off plum. flesh and blood linked to the same roots and contacts ah.
Palace is located in the north of Taipei, but the historical and geographical concepts, are not truly Palace, Forbidden City and much less from the Taipei National Palace out of season is afternoon V. point, we continue north, to escape the Red camel Laidao outside the city, heading for the former Kuomintang Chiang Kai-shek and other dignitaries in the past live in Yangmingshan. Yangmingshan National Park, also, originally called Grass Mountain, said he was afraid because of Chiang Kai-shek retreated to Taiwan in 1949 is Luocaoweikou, taboo cotton general, I do not know why the Chiang Kai-shek's election this wet and overcast miserable for residence. extraordinary, the top hot springs spewing sulfur smell filled the air, called Seeing the scene is unclear, hazy but see like dust in the dust in the valley, he would like the dust in the dust in the valley. ready to go. temperature is still warm, 22-24 degrees Celsius today (November 28, 2006) is our last day in Taipei inspection, inspect the project for the National Taiwan Science Education Center, coincidentally, science museum curator named Ke the morning, the rain came to science museum, and behold, who heads his party under the leadership of the reception on the elevator, I am a chimpanzee to take photographs, a step slow, had to ride the next wave of the elevator, up to nine, to be Some men and women dressed in costumes attracted, which came from the countryside of Taiwan compatriots Amis, is here to engage in a place called I think a Taiwanese pop song: In the science museum's conference room, we Beijing science science museum and the Taiwan delegation colleagues sit opposite each other introduction, head of the king were to speak with Keguan Zhang and gifts with each other, I kind of my new book Poetry 300, original museum international and inter-museum exchanges, the Taiwan side of a strange term that cooperation continue to spread to our ears; outsourcing. the advantages of using private companies to participate in public construction, with the strength and financial viability of the company are eligible contract, the science museum's exhibition and the services commissioned to go out, saving the museum in the capital, but also the introduction of civil service quality and work performance, to government, business, public win-win situation.
Similarly, the volunteers that volunteer use very often. for us to explain to a man that volunteers his own as a reporter, today, with Mike as we are talking about a were unexpected title photo with Xiao Qiang, Taiwan is insect kingdom, there is enthusiastic reception in Keguan Chang, the Taiwan Kinmen sorghum cheered, Yue Heyue the United States, urging people to drink exactly the same style, it seems Keguan Chang is what we call the Xingqingzhongren. sorrow, joy, our study group people who are professional science, published a number of science point of view, science should be increased to make the philosophical level, with : If you do not work hard, you had better be more than the mainland, ah! good a massive Keguan Chang, both urging the lower levels, but also expressed confidence, but also demonstrate a strong sense of course, we are to learn, not to drink wine, so I take advantage of the convenience of the machine, went back hall in a hurry to enough, then, in the science museum's souvenir shop to spend NT $ 400 to buy a bird book I like: , it can be considered a memorial in fact, is the KT Li Foundation as thoughtful arrangements in advance, so that our study only went satisfactory. in the rain, waved goodbye Keguan Zhang, say goodbye to damp deep, poetic concentration concentrated in Taipei and the KT Li Foundation.
eight remain in the After the tension visited Taipei, the first such long-distance travel, so we all drift off and sleep. I punched a sleepy, immediately began to look at the crystal viewing our route is in Taoyuan County, Taipei m m m Miaoli, Hsinchu City m Taichung High-speed road car more than roadside plants, green more, after all, is sub-tropical climate, vegetation cover nearly every inch of land in Taiwan, but the level of scattered terrain of Taiwan's plains only a handful of pieces, land within 100 meters above sea level only 3% in Taiwan, accounted for three-fifths of mountain, 3,000 meters inside the mountain there are hundreds of seats, there are mountains are green, no wonder the Portuguese fleet in 1544 means Taiwan, exclaimed: List of the world's apes, Taiwan found that naming the sake of Taiwan Island, a small species, and more, only birds in Taiwan called no less than ten, in addition to the above mentioned, such as the Formosan black bear, clouded leopard in Taiwan, the Taiwan deer, sambar Taiwan, Taiwan ferret badger, Taiwan muntjac, Formosan serow, Sparrowhawk Taiwan, the Taiwan mountain partridge, Taiwan, the Mikado pheasant, the Formosan blue pheasant, the Formosan blue magpie, bird Huangshan Taiwan, Taiwan purple ribbon, Taiwan thrush, Taiwan Whistling Thrush, Robin Taiwan Alishan Taiwan flamecrests, Taiwan Bulbul (Aconitum Weng), some of which are rare or endemic to Taiwan because of long isolation and the formation of a sub-species, multi-island treasure ah!
2:30 pm, to Taichung , Taichung City is one of Taiwan's five provincial cities (five provincial cities are: Keelung, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi, and Tainan). storm, the earth, such as washing, adsorption of natural fresh air, we came to the National Museum of Natural Science. face the main entrance, see The due two years ago to participate in the Zhejiang Museum of cross-strait forum to know the museum's curator of Mr. Li Jiawei, Li scholarly conversation of memories, unfortunately, Li Guanchang retired, back to the university professor went to do his. But then I heard Taichung Museum of Natural History, I thought, a small city located in the museum, where a large scale will not go. really large, but the museum was unexpectedly large, can be described as the most important in East Asia, or said, the country's Natural History Museum in Taichung, the Museum should be a most magnificent scale, the concept of the most advanced facilities in the most complete Museum of Natural History. < br> We visited the Natural Science Museum's main building, including known, the main building next to the Science Center, leap across the road there is actually an area of ​​nearly 5 hectares, including nine kinds of eco-ecological zones and forest types of the Botanical Garden greenhouse Even in the main building, tour our limited time did not assign appropriate. a contact on to explain, patiently took us to the dinosaur hall up to science, do not you know, we are to examine, or even, a member of this group, Mr. Rao Chenggang Beijing Museum of Natural History itself is a dinosaur expert, Liaoningbeipiao Dragon Bird is the Three Pagodas He discovered in 1988, to spend time on ABC, is somewhat unfortunate. Fortunately, a huge ancient specimens come into our eyes like: Penghu ancient elephants, as the late Pleistocene animals, living in the 40000-10000 five thousand years ago the Straits. marshes, long ago, Taiwan and the mainland, or a whole ah.
about an hour later, Taichung Museum of Lin Zongxian natural curator in the reception room to meet up with us and we Lishui Beijing Wang science mission Head of the situation and presented a brief introduction to the gift, I brought a thin book earlier, to a trip is not easy, not lose any time to visit: the human story, and the tribes of Taiwan's national landscaping, our bodies mm illness and death, aquarium world, living things, the ancient Chinese people, Taiwan's natural ecology hh row upon row of wonderful exhibition rich enough to allow us dazzle tour is completely touched, the first loose and then tight, it feels simply like entering Baoshan not stop and guests have gone, into the animal hall, the people of the shutter door is down by half, and we were put into an exception, but can gradually dim light, explained that the closed, and will automatically turn off the lights and we did not nocturnal animals, night vision ability, only filled with regret bitterly the other. Taichung's National Museum of Natural Science Museum, I hope there next time.
night stay in Taichung comes from the anti-Japanese hero Qiu care units. Qiu Miaoli, Taiwan, the Qing Dynasty to 1895 noted that ceded Taiwan to Japan, no food, after which sneaked into the mainland, Yucai salvation, to promote the new school. old age, respected the democratic revolution, Sun Yat-sen, Sun Yat-sen as provisional president of the National Government of any Member, for the first Taiwanese members. in memory of his patriotism, revolutionary life, the third largest city in Taiwan: Taichung, Feng Chia University opened in order to promote its
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